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Zigmont Magic F/X is a Full Service Special Effects Company providing Professional Fireworks Displays, Pyrotechnic Effects, Spectacular Special Effects, Propane Flames, Bubbles, Confetti and the Ulimate in artificial Fake Snow Falling Events Services in Florida.

“We use special effects to enhance a moment, to provide emotion, to carry a theme or story, or to reinforce branding. Sometimes it’s just about impact and getting people rallied up.”

Professional Pyrotechnical Displays
Low-level Daytime Super Bowl Style Displays
Realistic Indoor Falling Evaporating Snow
Traveling Smoke Rings
Cryogenic Venturi Smoke Effects

Gale Force Wind Fans
Cryogenic Crawling Fog
Propane Flame Cannons & Color Flames
Propane Fire Pits and Torches

CO2 Cyro Jet Blast
Aerotechnics Confetti & Streamers
Low level Aerial Fireworks
Exploding Balloon Walls

Color Smoke Plumes

Hollywood Movie Snow Outdoors

Magic F/X is where the Shooter is the head of the company and on site at your event. Magic F/X is full service live show special effects company.

In the past year we have provided special effects for NASCAR Budweiser Shootout Champions FOX TV - NBDL - NFL - OrangeBowl ABC TV - Warner Brothers & Director Robert Zemeckis Polar Express Premiere - David A. Siegel Westgate Resorts - Summer Bay Resorts.

Magic F/X is own by Steve Zigmont he is an Effect Specialist. An expert in Close Proximity Pyrotechnic Propane Flame effects, Snow and Cyro Blasts with over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry. As a show producer, and a performer in his own right, Zigmont has a great understanding of the professionalism that is needed in pre-show planning. He has the expertise you expect from the planning stages to set up and in the total execution of all your cues.

Zigmont has a producer’s point of view he knows what is required and has the timing to achieve precise firing of cues and making them 100%. In the beginning his career began with producing award winning theatrical illusion production shows using stage pyrotechnics and special effects within the show. He have produced in 1988 at the Reno Hilton Hotel, a one million dollar mega illusion show called Night Magic to a 2001 IAAPA best mention award for a run of his production at the PKI theme park of FORBIDDEN MAGIC.

When you call on Magic F/X your not hiring any technician, you’re hiring an effect specialist which has produced effects for many elite companies. One of these companies was TNT Tuner Sports, who hired Magic F/X when they needed to use special effects to make a magical reveal of a sports superstar. Zigmont logged 33 hours of live Television. Another elite company was rock Band KISS executing 64 rock concerts worldwide in stadiums and arenas. These are long term contracts Zigmont also has a long history of custom corporate events. You have an idea you call Zigmont and will be done turn-key. He has made many CEO’s dreams become reality.

Magic F/X which is a Florida based Special Effects and Fireworks display company specializing in creating unique zero-fallout indoor Close Proximate Pyrotechnic Displays and Special Effects Shows nationwide. Over the past 15 years Zigmont has been able to combine his know age of illusionary techniques and combined it with pyrotechnics and special effects to create the WOW factor for many corporate conventions and industrial shows.

Let the Effect Specialist make it Snow realistically indoors quietly on a stage, in a hotel ballroom, at a mall or an entire theater with the best Hollywood Movie snow machine effects in the industry. Our snow machines can be seen in many major films and theme parks across the world.

Our special effects and pyrotechnics feature cutting-edge and exciting technology in every show.
Our custom design and professional staging of your special effects will take your product launch, sporting extravaganza, corporate theater, award banquet or business trade show to the next level.

Magic F/X will ignite the inside of a hotel ballroom, trade floor or an outdoor stadium with excitement and energy. Enter into a new realm of expression and visualization with a signature piece in the form of a specialized custom full scale Special Effects Show, indoor/outdoor Close Proximate Pyrotechnics, Propane Flame, Falling Snow, Smoke or other effects designed to work for you by our team.

No longer do you need a large open field next to a stadium for a fireworks display -- you can have a "mini" display launched from an end zone, or even right on the fifty yard line. Or bring the display indoors, right inside the arena or stadium or even the local shopping mall or convention center Ballroom.
Want people to stay until a carnival or event closes? Announce fireworks at closing time! It works for Disney. You can use fireworks to get people to come to an event, and then to stay until it's over.
Proximate pyrotechnics are more than just mini fireworks displays. They are used for special effects in theater and film, for bangs, booms, color, and flashes at rock concerts and sporting events -- they can even be used to spice up a company meeting, a presentation, a store opening, a product announcement, a sporting event -- anytime you want to make an event special.

Proximate pyrotechnics are more than just mini fireworks displays they are full-blown fireworks displays in places you'd never think were possible.

We are trained specialists, licensed and certified in NFPA code, with continuing education and certification in fireworks safety NFPA (Pyro) 1126.2000 and NFPA (Gas) 160.2001 the same class's that fire marshal's attend receive Certified for Pyrotechnics. We are licensed Low Explosives by The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF License Type 19, Type 34 and Type 54.

We hold license's in the following states; State of Ohio Pyrotechnics Operator license, Licensed and registered in Texas State Pyrotechnic Special Effects Operator, City of Lakeland, State of Florida Pyrotechnics license operator. We are licensed Texas State Flame Propane Effects Operator, State of Nevada Pyrotechnics Special Effects Operator, State of Nevada State Flame Propane Effects Operator, State of Colorado Pyrotechnics Operator license.

We use products that can be used safely indoors and simulates an outdoor aerial display, using safe close proximity 1.4G Explosives effects. We are ready to focus on your event Nationwide or local in Florida we will customize, design the special effects for your event. We will design and create special effects to accent a performance, highlight a stage show, and enhance a corporate presentation. Our special effects will look like pure magic on your stage

With unbeatable experience and qualifications, there is no better choice in design and execution with prices you can afford!

For a single performance concert, it basically costs about $500.00 for us to generate the necessary fire permit & insurance paperwork, survey drawings to create the required floor plan for the effects, plus writs a plan of action detailing the event which is all to obtain local permits.

Fire marshal permits and fire watch ranges from 250.00 – 750.00

Costs run from a minimum of about $1000, to $30,000 for a large shows.

Realistic Falling Snow
Magic F/X specializing in Hollywood Movie snow machine effects, realistic large scale snowfall in any environment, indoors or out, full service production of snow events realistic simulated indoor blowing and falling snow. We can make it Snow realistically indoors quietly on a stage, in a ballroom or an entire theater. Our system will produce a shower of dry falling "soft fluffy snowflakes" which evaporate on contact, leaving no residue. Our snow will stay in the air 4 times longer than any other system as it dries in the air and that translate into 4 times more volume of snow falling at your event.

C02 Blast Jets
The C02 jets are becoming very popular in business theater, MTV TV specials and stage shows for intro of headliners. The C02 streaming jet, which I use offen to reveal CEO's and gain attention for an entrance or reveal product. We can provide two jet heads that will make a 6 foot wide by 15 foot long stream, one from each side of the stage. This is a visual effect as well as a loud sound. As soon as the C02 (Looks like smoke) is switched off, it's gone. No smoke in the room.

Aerotechnics Confetti
We Can Blow Festive Confetti over a crowd indoors or out with our confetti cannons to create a surprise and delight your guests. Streamers - confetti in so many styles and types or dollar bills, business cards, soft goods, popcorn or just about anything.We can also supply High Altitude Streamer Cannon for stadium events.

We offer a variety of confetti systems. We can trash a city block in 60 seconds! These units are CO2 powered and can propel up to 50 pounds of confetti! These systems normally throw confetti, but they can also throw puffballs, feathers, nerf balls, promotional items, etc.


Our system will send bubbles up 40' with having the lowest residue and the least amount of splatter of any bubble machine system anywhere alone with the biggest bubble output. With the fewest amount of premature bursting bubbles with our fluid. They don't even break in the rain! Completely biodegradable.We offer bubblesence scented bubble fluid. Made of completely biodegradable, non-irritating natural ingredients, Bubblessence is perfect for weddings, nightclubs, birthday parties, fashion shows, events and celebrations. A true winner in every sense!

How about 12 inch round Bubbles, thats right foot round bubbles from the effect specialist. We now can offer 12 inch floating bubbles.

Our custom design and professional staging of a special effects event can take your product launch, sporting extravaganza or corporate award banquet to the next level. Enter into a new realm of expression and visualization with a signature piece in the form of a specialized custom full scale indoor or outdoor close proximate pyrotechnics, propane flame, snow, smoke, C02 and any other special effect designed by our team to make your ideas become reality.

Let us show you the Magic, in Magic F/X!

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