low smoke generator for low lying crawling smoke , which is a LSG , cold flow, Cryo fog low lying fog effect

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We do custom Cryo Fog for sports Teams

Cauldron effect for the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning LIGHTNING Vinny Lecavalier's jersey retirement will be another classic Vinny moment No. 4, banner lifting with cyro fog cauldron effect


One cryo-fogger machine with Containment on a theater stage. We can do it for you.


Zigmont Magic FX Inc. - Effects Specialist® - Special Effects Designer - We provide the entire spectrum of Special Effects for Events Since 1990.Doing cryo for 20 years.


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low lying fog effect

With 20 years Experience as a Special Effect Designer with Low Smoke Generator effects, Cold Flow, Cryo Fog, CO2 FX and Crawling Low Lying Smoke Effects. We have a large supply of LSG machines with a big inventory of accessories (floor pockets), and a selection of fluids to do cryo curtain effects, ballroom door entrance fog curtains. We do more large corporate event with low lying ground smoke, special effects cryogenic curtains, crawling fog than most any other FX supplier.

snow and low lying fog effect

Low lying smoke and snow is a wonderful match

LSG Low Crawling smoke FX

We can trick-out the gear for custom effects. We can fill a ballroom, ice rink, air plane hanger with low lying smoke and keep it on the floor for long periods. Let us create a walk in on clouds for your corporate event indoors or outside We understand How the system works best. We also have traditional dry ice effects. We offer 4 types of chill effects.

The NEWEST Cryo Device in years light weight Portable Cryo unit


Cryo Gate Table Top or Floor Model for Low Lying Fog Look Solutions

cyrogate the lastest low fog technogy

cryogate loelying fog portable uniy



low lying fog outdoors

Our Technicians will adjust the cryo machines so your Guests will feel like they are walking on a cloud as they enter the room, with or haze no smoke or haze in the air. The quick Fast Dissipating smoke fluid with no haze - no smoke in the air. Will not set alarms off.

low lying fog effects

We can cover an entire ballroom floor, stage deck or just by the ballroom entrance doorway for a walk-in WOW effect of cryo CO2 low lying crawling ground smoke effect. We can make our cold flow fog into a walk-in overhead curtain effect in any number of configurations and can cover the length of the largest of stages.


Cryo LSG - Low Lying Smoke Special Effects at Corporate Convention covering a 40x60 stage at Coronado Springs Resort Disney.

lsg low lying smoke

Testing the Cryo CO2 LSG backstage.


Special Effects Low Lying Crawling Smoke and Fog Effects Specialist from N.Y. to LA and and based in Florida Tampa - Orlando - Miami - Naples


Transform your corporate stage into a Concert Stage Show for a moment in time.


Servicing Events Nationwide with the Biggest Volume and Best Cryo Fog Effects Machines for the Entertainment Industry.

lsg ground smokw


Professional Low Lying Fog LSG machines and Low Crawling Smoke Effect Specialist Since 1996

We have the right size gear for any size job.

lsg low lying smoke at industrial event

Transform your corporate stage into a Las Vegas Show for a moment in time.


We are very experienced in providing special effects cryogenic applications for live events. We have provided these effects countrywide for the past 16 years. We were doing cryogenic effects just about before anyone else in the industry and we are called upon to create some of the largest LSG Cryo effects in the industry. The can do low lying or crawling fog floor effects, cloud effects, cryo curtains or walls, floor pockets, reveals, outdoor scenic atmosphere smoke effects.

Thriller treatment low lying fog

We have many options of low lying fog/smoke machines and many different type of machines. Now we have different:

Le Maitre's low-lying molecular fluid fog with a very short hang is the old standard.

Fast - Indoor Ground Fog

Fast Dissipating Fog - INDOOR Ground Fog Fast Dissipating Fog Juice is the perfect Stage & Studio Fog Fluid for use in Theatrical Environments where a great fog effect is desired but the fog does not need to linger. This blend works perfect for use in the motion picture industry and is now extensively used for many other applications. The normal fluid used Lasts under a minute.

Cryo Freeze - Stage Low Lying fluid lasts longer

Indoor Cryo Freeze is the designer's choice when it comes to a very active stage in theater or ballet. This fluid creates a very dense effect that hugs the ground. Dancing on the clouds as it last 30 - 45 sec cycle. The newest fluid.

OUTDOOR Ground Fog - Freezin Fog builds high

OUTDOOR Ground Fog - Freezin Fog is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create optimum low lying fog effects for outdoor scenes where knee deep to hip deep high fog is the look. It is super thick on the front end and creates the perfect graveyard ground fog but here comes the good part; it is formulated to hang in the air to create a long lasting scene. Indoors it layers up on each other and build up.

They are made from the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals and with the amazing results you will see from these fluids do low lying or crawling fog floor effects, cloud effects, cryo curtains or walls, floor pockets, reveals, outdoor scenic atmosphere smoke effects.


Walk on a cloud Defying Gravity as seen from this scene from Wicked show piece.

Low-Lying Fog or freezefog has always been a challenge for show producers who work in theatrical productions, sporting events, business theater, theme parks or touring shows. We have the solution for superior performance for Low-Lying Fog effects. Our expertise using the Cryo LSG, Cold Flow System allows us to provide you with produce huge volumes of pure white fog crawling ground smoke continuously with a push of a button. It's economical too; the expendables operating costs are only about $3.00 per minute of operation!

Liquid CO2 is used in certain fog machines creating thicker, more consistent low-lying fog effects. "This is truly one of the most extreme and impressive special effects that can be accomplished outside of any governing regulations. When used correctly and all precautions in mind, this is a very safe effect that can be used over and over again without incident to produce a truly awe inspiring effect."

This long lasting low lying fog effect that always remains low to the ground traveling up to 40 feet residue free and does not need the fire alarms turn off. The CO2 disappears in seconds leaving once shut off and leaves no trace particles of smoke, we will never set off a smoke alarm. The machine was engineered and designed to operate to never release any smoke that could set off an alarm. We leave the room clean from smoke.

ryo LSG cryo FX Low lying smoke machine volume

We can cover a hotel ballroom entrance for a wow factor with a walk in .


Cryo Co2 LSG Smoke at a Trade Show Entrance

A Popular effect that is was seen on TV Shows like American Idol finale and America Got Talent 2009 - 2010.
Ideal for large coverage of sport arena, stage productions, touring Broadway shows, hotel ballrooms and film productions We can provide entrance curtains at doorways for conference attendees can walk through the cryo effect

low lying fog on stage

Why use cold flow? Most use the cold flow as a surprise element to an over all theme. It's a theatrical effect used on Broadway shows and its very dramatic. It can change the look of a room and allow the audience to forget they are in the same space for the evening party as the opening session.

LSG ground fog in a ballroom

lsg G 3000

A great match with our snow effects for that frosty look any time of year.

LSG low lying fog cryo ground smoke

We offer full service or rental services of the LSG Cold Flow equipment.

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Please view all the photos and videos

We have and offer professional brands industrial low crawling smoke machines, as well as dry ice low lying fog generator machines to consumer performance low smoke machines. The difference is in the amount of cryo smoke that is produced, the distance the low lying smoke travels and how deep the effect is ankle to knee deep. The cooler the smoke and better the effect. So a machine using a liquid cO2 dewar tank is better that dry ice. Dry ice is better that using a machine with regular ice.

low lying smoke

Low lying fog is also used to convey water, ice & snow and to hide stage rigging for moving scenery effects on the stage deck. When the Phantom boats Christine away to his lair underneath the Paris Opera House, the boat is ‘floating’ on fog and it’s low-lying fog covering up the wires pulling the boat along.

Another clever use for low lying fog on stage is to add a ‘foggy day’ look to your city-scape backdrop.

crawling  co2 cyro low lying ground smoke

You seen our brand of LSG machines that we offer, used on America Got Talent TV Show.

We can do outdoor with a simple barrier for containment.


We can cover an entire ballroom with low lying ground smoke. This room is using 6 LSG low lying machines.

We are fully insured with a million dollar + public liability policy for special effects, make sure the company your hiring has insurance.

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Gasparilla 2012 Coronation with Low Smoke Generator

 cryo c02 at an event with low ground smoke

 LSG  co2 cryo low fog at gasparilla 2012 coronation

low crawling smoke at gasparilla 2012 coronation


How it all Works

The LSG with the G-300 smoke machine fluids vaporization forces pushes out a mixture from the output nozzle where, when it mixes with the ambient air, it forms an opaque aerosol (fog). This technology uses a liquid C02 dewar tank to the cool the smoke in a accumulator box, generating a consistent effect at sub zero temperatures.

lsg cryo effect  at a concert

The vaporization forces of the smoke machine within the accumulator box produces the force full output of the LSG. This process enables you to produce large quantities of low lying fog on a continuous basis without cue time limitations or the messy water residue associated with other technologies.

The fog is made up of tiny droplets of glycol that form around the small particles in the air. The suspended droplets reflect the light, which is why fog will take on the color of the light illuminating it.

Our smoke fluid products has been included in the "Equipment Based Guidelines For the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze" that has been prepared with the support of Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds, ESTA.

Notes on The "Secret" to Low Fog:

The "secret" to low fog is... temperature. The Low smoke/ fog generators (LSG) will chill the fog to a lowly ~ -94 F to -184 F, with L-N2, thus creating a constant low and dense carpeting white fog. If you cannot chill the fog enough, it will rise and mingle with your atmospheric effect. As well as not travel very fa as the warmer room air needs to chill down. There is now way to do it with Conventional means and dry ice (which is in fact CO2). They simply do not keep fog cold enough for long enough. As much as I wish we could forgo the use of L-CO2 (or L-N2), it still is the best way to get the result.

Low pressure gets better result than high pressure, especially on larger stages. The reason fog rises and does not dissipate in time is because the fog fluid used has too high a density of DEG (Diethylene Glycol) or TEG (Triethylene Glycol) in it. We use a fluid labeled as a "low lying fog fluid". No matter how cold, any draft of air, including that from an actor or dancer passing through the fog, will make it rise. Velocity, chill factor, type of fluid and barometric pressure will dictate the ensuing dissipation speed and ROR (Rate of Rise).

The air flow of your HVA system will affect the flow an how the flow will spread.


LSG cryo low lying  corporate event


A Corporate event with a Crawling Smoke WOW Factor, walking on clouds. We can fill a stage or ballroom with ground crawling smoke.

Allow us to provide a turn-key service and design a look for your event. We designed 11 weeks of different design approaches to make the Ultimate Warrior on WCW Wrestling Monday Night Nitro for TNT, Live TV appearance and disappearing in LSG fog. We used LSG's back in 1998 in several new way which became today standards.

custom Co2 system 1998WCW custom C02 system 1998

We have 4 different types of machines that can produce the cloud like fog on the ground. These range from a higher cost to lower costs and high performance to lower performance.

1- LSG - G 300 Cryo Fogger with Dewar Tank of CO2 @ 700 Ibs- The big Industrial machine which does a 40 x 40 area deep. with no drafts, air handlers or air currents blowing

2- Cold Flow and G/300 (G3000/F 100) 50 lbs C02 170 Ibs Bottle - A smaller version does ankle deep 20 x 20 ft area. A bottle last 90 minutes within a eight hour period

3- Dry Icer - need water and 20- 50 Ibs Dry Ice. One version does 5-7 minutes reheats in 1 hour, covers a 20 x 20 ft area and a second version is a 28 gallons of water model that holds 75 lbs of dry ice covers 20 x20 for 15 minutes.

4- Smoke machine ice cooler chiller combo, either built in or two separate units.

We service and rent systems. Please see all of these type of FX machines on this page.

Call Us for expert advise and consulting @ 813 689 6269 zigmont@effectspecialist.com

We do rent these devices, but we advise full service as the LSG - G 300 in a road case is 325 lbs the dewar tank is 600- 700 lbs which needs a dewar cart to move (if your able). Hooking the unit up and building the correct pressure on the CO2 tank and analyzing the room environment is all very important. Along with adjust the machine output for optimum results. This really requires a experienced special effect specialist to set up and run the effect for the event.


Above - LSG unit using duct hose to gain access to a boom lift at a concert. The smoke hides the duct hose (seen below).

LSG cryo co2 flying rig  effect

You have the ability to create huge volumes of heavy fog on cue without the mess and inconvenience of dry ice. It takes only seconds to cover an area and goes away on cue as well.

Below- A corporate event we produced Low Lying Cold Flow Cryo Smoke for a convention walk-in with snow falling as well. This is a great combo of snow machines and a walk through a chilly clouds of frosty ground cover while the temp outside was 117%F in AZ.

We're often hired by Disney Special Effects Dept. to provide low lying for promotional off property events, like for the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Tampa Florida.

low lying smoke

cryo effect on stagecryo effect on stage

cryo effect on stagecryo effect on stage



LSG cryo  low lying smoke for a walk-in at a convention

Low lying LSG Crawling fog

Please Watch these Videos at our Events

LSG Ground Fog on a Test Stage

LSG Ground Fog and Propane Flames on Test Stage

LSG Ground Fog Crawling at Coors Light Party

Ground Chilly Fog and Snow Blowing @ Hard Rock Live for Coors

Video clip Crawling Ground Fog using our LSG System

Coors Beer Can Lid LSG Cryo Flow Video Clip

Low Lying Cryo Crawling Smoke at a Corporate Party

LSG Output at the Front Entrance at Saddlebrook Resort in the Lagoon Pavilion

Video Clip Of Our LSG For Coors Party At Universal Studios Hard Rock Live

Video Clip #2 Of Our LSG Crawling fog For Coors Party At Universal Studios Hard Rock Live

CO2 Cryo Jet Reveal

Video of Cryo Jets and Propane Flames Outdoors 

A demo of a 20 x 20 Fog curtain

Video of Cryo Fog Curtain on Stage

WakeBoarding Magazine Wake Awards Low lying Fog

Low Ground Fog At Linda W. Chaplin Theater Orlando OCCC

WakeBoarding Magazine Wake Awards Low lying Fog




See Cold Flow Ground Fog In Action

We have provide this effect since the days of dry ice, the effects has come a long way from those dry ice days. Now with a cold flow unit or a Low Smoke Generator very dry cold smoke that crawls very low and far, that won't set off alarms.

Low lying co2 cryo smoke

The smoke is very white and can be washed to any color with lighting. We have such good control of volume and have many methods to make curtains, and continuous coverage. We have done some huge areas, arenas and ballrooms. We understand these machine better than most.

Ground fog crawling at Coors Light Party


Tricking out the Equipment

We designed a custom Frosty cryogenic flow in a Coors Light beer can lid prop for Coors Superbowl Party Event. We can custom our system to do just about anything you want.

custom LSG cyro effect

special effects cyro fog

Coors beer can lid LSG cryogenic Flow Video Clip

Cryo LSG Fog From Coors Lid Top Close-up



Ground Crawling Fog outdoors is not a problem.

low ground forcrawling smoke low lying

Video Clip Of Our LSG For Coors Party At Universal Studios Hard Rock Live

When you need to produce a dramatic and powerful winter effect. Our Low Smoke Generator (LSG) is the answer!




We have a LSG that has a venturi within to allow a lower temperature which work better outdoors, seen here.

lsg fog  on the groundoutdoor lsg smoke

Video Clip #2 Of Our LSG Crawling fog For Coors Party At Universal Studios Hard Rock Live

Video Clip Of Snow Falling and Crawling fog for a Chilly feel at a Coors Light Party at Universal Studios

crawling ground fogFrosty entrance for coors with LSG ground fog

With a barrier if a bike racks cover in mesh we contained low lying fog for 3 hours out side the Hard Rock Cafe Universal Studios Florida


Our LSG’s patented CO2 conditioning process produces a huge, continuous output of low-lying fog. You can transform any area to low lying clouds on the floor. The LSG can achieve many impressive effects including fog curtains and waterfall effects.

crawling fog at party


With our large inventory of these low smoke generators we can provide this effect indoor or out doors to cover a large area.

We can produces huge volumes of pure white fog. The effect is long lasting and dry and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. Always dry and no haze smoke produced.

Important Note; Trying to cover a large area with less machines than needed (or recommended) can result in the Cryo fog not traveling as far or as far out of the open floor space (warmer air low on ground must chill down) and not meeting up with the other LSG Cryo (cooling the entire floor space) output. This connecting or joining forces of all the LSG fog is needed to collectively cool the floor space. If we are not covering the floor wall to wall can result in the fog raise some instead of crawling low. Factors such as lighting on the floor can heat up the smoke.

Good rules to follow; Get the room temperature down as low as possible and turn off the air handlers. Close all doors. Sometimes if your room is next to the outside doors a draft still can affect the fog under the doors. Walking in the fog will raise it up. Keep lighting 2 feet off the ground.

Cyro co2 low ground fog

You need containment of the fog like stage curtains, walls, plants, stadium seating or any barrier (at least one side) that allows the fog to stop moving and build up the cool temperatures to really get the low lying crawling.


We have been providing Co2 - Low Smoke Generators effects for over 10 years for sporting events and corporate clients. We are cryogenic experts and our experience will make this work effect 100%.

We provide custom effects;

Low-lying Fog Effect
CO2 Nozzles Jets
Venturi Booster Cryogenic Smoke Effects
Smoke Accelerators
CO2 LSG Curtains

We have all the gear to make any effect you desire.

Beside the LSG's and the G 300's, we have distribution boxes to spread the effect out from, we have 4" -" 6" - 8" - 10 inch ducts, and rubber tubing, piping for fog curtain or water fall style piping, custom pipe bell reducers, wide nozzles, rigid pipe to flexible pipe adapter, hard pipe reducers, stage floor pockets to make your event have the right gear.

lsg G 300

LSG Under stadium seating

A LSG Installed for an industrial under Stadium Seating.

LSG System cloud like that can do ankle deep to knee deep Low Lying crawling smoke effects.

lsg cryo flow

LSG on Cryo 100% Smoke 2%

These Professional Machine Option for TV, Movies, Broadway Tours, Concert tours Professional Theater productions, Ballet Shows and Industrial Corporate Events.

Cryo Fog Unit

The Cryo-Fog is a fog generator, a fan and a cooling chamber built into a compact flight case (24 x 20 x 12 inches) with space next to the fog generator to held a 5 liter bottle of fluid.

look solution cryo fog

The Cryo-Fog is a powerful 1500 Watt fog generator, a fan and a cooling chamber built into a compact flight case (67 x 51 x 30 cm or 24"x20"x12"inches) with space next to the fog generator to hold a 5 liter can of fluid. Liquid CO2 is used to cool down the fog of the built-in low-temperature fog generator. Thus, the machine produce thick low fog which distributes evenly. The machine is powerful enough to fill big stages with low fog within a short time. The liquid CO2 is delivered from a low pressure tank (20-24 bar), which is connected to the machine via a hose.  The intelligent technology ensures sure that the fogging process will not start before the cooling chamber has reached the right temperature. As a result, no "warm" fog - which will go upwards - can escape from the machine.  The machine benefits from its compact size, low weight, powerful output, low noise and the easy operation. Covers around 1200 sq ft. It has a 6 inch output opening.




Liquid Co2 is used to cool down the fog of the in built low temperature fog generator. Therefore the machine produce thick low fog which distributes evenly. The machine is powerful enough to fill even big stages with low fog within a short time.

look solution cryo fog

The intelligent technology ensures sure that the fogging process will not start before the cooling chamber has reached the right temperature. As a result, no "warm" fog - which will go upwards - can escape from the machine. The Cryo-Fog benefits from its compact size, the low weight, the powerful output, the low noise and the easy operation.

Unlike other products currently on the market, which first make regular fog and then convert it to low fog, the CRYO-FOG creates low fog straight from the nozzle. This makes it far more efficient and far smaller than all previously-available products.



The NEWEST Cryo Device in years

Cryo Gate Table Top or Floor Model for Low Lying Fog Look Solutions Best method for smaller jobs where short durations under 12 min is needed.

cyrogate the lastest low fog technogy

The Cryo Gate is an small 24"W x 8" H x 7" D which is an external CO2 device that can be put in front of any preexisting regular fogger. (use a DMX Smoke machine w/1200 watts or higher or rent one from us) It uses common high pressure CO2 to create a low-lying fog from the output of any professional fog machine, when an appropriate fog fluid is used. Can comes with an 8 inch 20 ft Black Hose. Can run analog with the following Protocols; preset panel, DMX, Ethernet, sACN Universes and IP Config.

We use 20 pound co2 tanks which can be T together for longer run times or larger bottle used. Smoke flow for continuous flow should be 50% volume or less. You can burst smoke for under 40 seconds. Cryo Gate runs the smoke machine.

cryogate  look solutions low fog machinecryogate operating partsasd

Cryo gate is small and can be used with you DMX smoke machine, uses light weight and cheaper costing 20 pound bottles of co2 which lasts 5 min with a 20 pound bottle and 50 pound tank for 12 minutes. Tanks can be T together and daisy chained bottles hoses. CryoGate Uses and runs 3 DMX Channels for DMX operation and has 3 preset for analog panel operation.

T together and daisy chained bottles hoses

T- Unions can connect several bottles

The 3 DMX channels are as follows;

Ch 1 smoke pump and volume control through the 2 inch opening the smoke machine needs to be 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from the rear hole align centered.

Ch 2 is the gate which is an electric control series of curved panels which open and close allow air to flow into the mix like a venturi flow allowing the fog to raise and more air allows higher output speed. The gate along which the high pressure co2 can allow fog to flow up to 60 foot x 40 foot

cryogate aire flow systemcryogate rear of the smoke intake and aireslow system

See above The air can be adjusted with electronic shutters which act as a venturi.

The Ch 3 controls the Co2 flow as the need for more smoke comes the need for more co2. Low co2 flow makes 4 inches high low fog in 1 min, med co2 flow makes 6 inched high fog in 1 min, high flow of co2 makes 8" of fog height fog in 30 sec.

preset menu for cryogate

The DMX co2 flow usage. The menu tells you how much co2 was used. A tank is 18KG and how high the fog will be from 10 CM - 20 CM which is from 4"- 8" off the ground. More air pushes the fog out further but rasises the effect. The high wattage smoke machines is the driving force of the smoke. The 10 foot hose is like an accumlator and helps to cool off the effect.

cyrogate  DMX value co2 usage

cyrogate controlscryogate DMX panel

Front panel has menu and DMX 3 pin in andDMX 5 pin in/out , reat remote in and smoke machine DMX out for smoke machine.

On the preset non DMX control Analog mode

On the preset non DMX control Analog modeasd

The simple analog menu, we can add a DMX controller

The video show the cryo Gate on a table top for easy access to use.

The CryoGate is an external CO2 device that can be put in front of any preexisting regular smoke machine. It uses common high pressure CO2 to create a low-lying fog from the output of any professional fog machine, when an appropriate fog fluid is used.


In General

Cryo Fog requires a dewar of Liquid CO2, which is typically 180 liters and weighs 600-700 lbs. Two common supply chains are Air gas and Praxair. The cost is usually around- $300 - 400.00, including delivery, pickup, Gas and tank rental. This will provide 90 minutes of fog at maximum output, and 3 hours of fog at typical output for cryo fog and 45 minutes maximum on the LSG and 90 inches at typical output.

The supplier may ask if they can substitute a high pressure tank with a siphon tube, and the answer is no. Cryo Fog requires 300 psi and the high pressure tanks are 1,000 psi. The supplier may ask if they can put a Regulator on the high pressure tank to reduce the pressure to 300 psi, and the answer again is no. Cryo Fog requires liquid CO2 and when liquid goes through a Regulator it partially changes to gas.
Upon delivery, you should ask the supplier to place the dewar in the location where you will be using it. It's very difficult to move the dewar later, without the proper cart. It should be located as close to the CryoFog as possible in order to prevent liquid CO2 from turning to gas in the connector hose, which causes a significant delay every time you want to make fog. The LSG can be 300 ft away.

Remember when people walk/dance thru or the theatrical lighting that gives off heat is on the floor, that will Hinder the low crawling fog effect and make the fog raise and twirl the fog up.

The dewar has a "pressure-builder" on it which can adjust the pressure up to 350 psi. 300 - 325 psi is a good level to use with the Cryo Fog. Open the pressure-builder when you want to increase the pressure in the dewar. Please note that it takes several hours for the pressure to rise.
The dewar has both Gas and Liquid outlets. Be sure to connect the hose from the Cryo Fog to the Liquid outlet. When you're not using the fogger, you should close the main valve on the top of the dewar. Then you should run the fogger for a few seconds, to exhaust the CO2 from the connector hose.



The LSG system produces an incredible low-lying fog effect. The system utilizes a smoke machine and a special cryogenic unit, the LSG. This system combined with a CO2 dewar tank, produces a constant, large volume of fog at the push of a button. Water Base Fog Technology is achieved by pumping a Glycol/ Processed Water mixture through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has been heated to the point where at the fog fluid mixture will vaporize.

We use a cryogenic solenoid valve to allow liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) to enter a containment chamber where it converted into dry ice. The fog passing through the cooling chamber it is chilled. The LSG uses liquid CO2 to chill the smoke to as cold as - 50 degrees. The chilled fog will lie low to the ground or drop to the lowest point.

We use Water Base Fog Technology
Water Base Fog technology is achieved by pumping a glycol/water mixture through a heat exchanger. This will vaporize the fluid as it passes through the hot unit. The vaporization of the fluid forces the hot mixture through the output nozzle. When mixed with ambient air, it forms an opaque aerosol (fog). The fog is made up of tiny droplets that form around small particles in the air. The suspended droplets refract the light, allowing the fog to take on the color of the light illuminating it. We use a special blend of fluid.

Actor Equity approved machine and fluids


WCW PPV wresting Halloween Havoc TV Pay Per View Show

wcw cryo effect

We were a suppliers for WCW in 1998 and provided 4 hours of continuous LSG from 4 Units In the Las Vegas MGM Arena for a WCW PPV event. We refilled the Dewar's from a refilling supply truck. We made ground cover fog the entire set. This was the largest Ground Fog effect on record.


Massive Dry Ice Tsunami Effect

Dry ice tour machine

Cold Flow

A Smaller Version Cold Flow Low Lying Fog

A LSG cold flow unit can cover a 30 x 40 + area knee high with containment.

LSG performance on a stage

While our portable Cold Flow unit can cover 20 x 20 2- 6 inches high.

cold flow smoke portable

A smaller portable Cold Flow unit video clip

cold flow low crawling fog machine

The Rosco Coldflow is an accessory for standard fog machines that converts liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) to dry ice. The dry ice cools a uniquely designed aluminum extrusion that is capable of converting large volumes of fog into dense low lying fog. The unit can create a wide range of low lying fog effects from a continuous layer to a gigantic cloudburst.

By using LCO2, the Coldflow is far more efficient than more conventional means for creating a low-lying fog. The unit actually uses the LCO2 to create dry ice inside an aluminum chamber.

This unit can be used with almost any fog machine, as it simply sits in front of the fog machine producing the smoke. We do however recommend that a quick dispersing fluid be used so that the fog does not fill the entire room when it eventually heats up.

Whereas 50 pounds of dry ice will give a 15-minute effect when dropped in hot water, a comparable tank of LCO2 will last for hours.

Dimensions: 22 in x 12.5 in x 12in, Weight: 40 lb.

Can be used for continuous operation. The smoke comes out cool and leaves no smoke trace particles (smoke in the air). Not used for curtains effects. Not used with hoses, ducting or piping because unit chamber not large enough to chill cold enough to travel in a pipe or upward.

The Professional Machine Option for Limited area for TV, Movies, Broadway Tours, Concert tours Professional Theater productions, Ballet Shows and Industrial Corporate Events.

We were the major suppliers of Special Effect Fog Effects and Smoke Accelerators for revealing wrestlers on live TV, We were providing LSG effects powered by CO2 jets back in 1998. We used 4 LSG's 4 custom venturi plumbing to push the effect.

Who was doing these effects in 12 years ago, not many were and it was Zigmont Magic FX who was called upon then and now to create these effects.





In 1998 the biggest cryogenic effect ever seen was on TV and provided by Zigmont Magic FX

Zigmont's execution of the disappearances and reappearances for "Warrior" around the stadium was the rebirth of this superhero wrestler back into the wrestling world. Zigmont used a gale force cryogenics smoke system and illusionary devices to accomplish the task. The photos below are of Hollywood Hogan as the Warrior appears in the center ring. We have 33 hours logged with WCW.

Cryo custom CO2 system 1998 WCW cryo custom CO2 system 1998

Two LSG units can fill a ice rink with low ground fog, the ice really helps the effect stay in place. It will take two LSG's 15 minutes to fill.


cryo c02 effects for NHL

LSG Machine

The LSG is a large footprint 30 x 38 x 52 plus the dewar tank and to place in a ballroom we normally hide with pipe and drape. We can run ducting under the stage or use stage pockets.

The Dewar tank can be up to 300 feet away, but the cold flow Cryo from the LSG box is best when kept as short (25ft or less) as possible.

Whereas 50 pounds of dry ice will give a 15-minute effect when dropped in hot water, a comparable tank of LCO2 can last for hours.

The Tank Types & Pressures:

* 50 lb. LCO2 tank Maximum Operating Pressure: 1000 psig (69 BAR). weight 170 pounds.
* Dewar tanks - Portable Cryogenic VGL Cylinder Maximum Operating Pressure: 435 psig (30 BAR). Minimum Operating Pressure: 290 psig (20 BAR). Weight 600-750 pounds

180 Liter Bulk Tank (396lbs of CO2 Liquid/753 pounds) (350 psi max pressure) CGA-320 Fitting

50 Lb Tank/170 pounds (22 Liters)(800 psi @ - 70 degrees)

We can Duct 50 feet horizontally or 20 feet vertically, we have to consider what effect we are doing and what the traveling Cryo will heat up as it travel.

Power Requirements

LSG: 120V, 2 amps, (50/60 Hz)
G300: 120V, 20 amps (50/60 Hz)

The Professional Machine Option for TV, Movies, Broadway Tours, Concert tours Professional Theater productions, Ballet Shows and Industrial Corporate Events.

a co2 dewar and LSG

Fog Run Time: Continuous for hours and the smoke comes out cool and leaves no smoke trace particles of smoke in the air.


We will provide a dewar dolly. Dewar's or Bulk Cryogenic Gas tanks are very heavy (700lbs!) and thus awkward to move. This specifically designed hand truck takes most of the pain out of the process of manhandling the tanks around.

dewar cart

Bulk cryogenic CO2 tanks (Dewar's) have built in over pressure blow off valves set to 350psi. As pressure builds inside the take due to atmospheric warming, use of the pressure builder, or a freshly filled tank coming up to temperature, the blow off valve releases pressure in excess of 350psi. An important safety feature of the tank, it can however be noisy and disruptive to your production when it happens.

Our Dewar Mufflers (see in photos below) are set to 300psi and connect to the CGA 320 “Gas” outlet fitting on the Dewar thus safely preempting the pressure relief on the tank. For added sound baffling and increased CO2 dispersion, our mufflers can be located remotely from the tank with an appropriate length of compatible hose. See in photo below.

c02 dewar Muffler

co2 dewar muffler

Muffler for dewar tanks

The second photo is a muffler cap for weeping valve release noise control. We have it under control, as we can take the relief valve out of the room, theater or building!

PSI Gauge of the Dewar Tank

The PSI Gauge of the Dewar Tank which you need over 300 PSI to operate and behind it is the pressure build valve and setting PSI level knob.

dewar tank lsg pressure builder

Liquid is Blue Valve, Gas is Green


C02 Dewar Tank is a Refrigrated Liguid Tank

The C02 Dewar Tank is a Refrigerated Liquid Tank, is 600 pounds when filled. Learn about dewar tanks in Dewar tanks 101.

Dewar Tanks 101

CGA 622FX 320M-A

A CGA 622FX 320M-This Adapter allows you to attach a standard CGA-320 tank fitting to a liquid port known as a CGA-622, commonly used on Dewar tanks in place of the standard. The CO2 320 old standard to liquid fare new standards adapter.

LSG Distributor box outletLSG Distributor box

The custom LSG distributor box connected to a LSG with up to 8 4" hoses to stage We have all the gear to be creative at your event.

lsg cryo  distriibutor box





lsg fog curtians

A Curtain or Wall of Flowing Cryogenics is a Specialty that we provide!

We can provide Curtain Nozzles and Curtain Pipe, which both looks and performs great. Each will cover 10 - 14 ft.. As seen above at 14 ft. above the ground. Longer lengths and higher off the ground and longer the piping your stretching the limits of the LSG and while we have done 20 - 30 and 40 foot curtains 18 ft. high.

The effect looks best and at 100 % with a( see in video below) 10 foot sections with its own LSG. The reason is the shorter length or nozzle effect stays cool. The longer run the Cryo starts to warm when turning and going up and going far distances.

A LSG demo of a 20 high 20 long Fog Curtain

LSG fog curtain 10" Pipe

cryo LSG curtain

A Piped Curtain

doorway  fog cyro curtain nozzle

A Nozzle Curtain

The curtain effect (downward fall of the fog) or cryo wall, waterfall FX works best when the LSG is even with the piping or plumbing for the effect. We can travel upward or vertically 15 - 20 ft and 50 ft horizontally which may take more than one machine.

We can pipe the Cryo upward but the cold Cryo smoke flow like to travel downward and to the lowest point. Forcing it up and through long distances will warm up the fog. The Fog doesn't like shape 90% turns in the flow and again will warm up the effect. Our pipes have a special coating to keep the cold flow chilly.

Below is a diagram drawing and above a photo of our largest curtain which is a 10 inch pipe curtain effect, we have 8 inch and 6 inch pipe curtains as well as curtain nozzles and pockets effects.

We also can supply a Cryo Manifold box 10" induct to 4" out put ducts which has 8 - 4 inch outlets. This can supply fog to many locations for a even effect.

fog curtian wall

A 40 foot Fog walkin action 18 ft high.


lsg fog wall FX machines

We can custom make a mega curtain or wall of flowing cryogenics as long as 40 foot long and 18 foot high

CO2 Cyro Fog Curtain

We have the gear to install as seen in the photo and video below.

Our fog curtain are 20 feet long and have 35 feet of traveling pipes which 15 feet is upward to have the Cryo travel to the release pipe for the effect. That is with two elbows and traveling 15 foot upward (max) to the 20 foot of curtain piping. The cryo-fog fights traveling upward and does not like 90% turns so we need to limit the upward and turns. If the LSG was in the same level as the piping you can do 30 foot curtains with each LSG. You can have 80 feet of piping with 3 LSG's (when the LSG are rigged up the truss) in the truss with the pipe and at that point the Cryo-fog can travel 30 ft downward Our pipe perfect for use to direct fog to your scene as it will not create a turbulence inside, destroying the viscosity of your fog.



A 10 foot cryo CO2 curtain effect hanging at 15 feet (above)

fog curtian co2

A LSG demo of a 20 high 20 long Fog Curtain

LSG fog curtain 10" Pipe

We can provide a gentle quiet flow of Cryo in the form of a down flow wall or curtain effect. We have many custom curtain configurations that will achieve what ever desired effect is required. We can provide a 10 foot curtain or a 30 foot wall of cryogenics Yes the Cryo after its travels downward crawls the floor.

See the photos below of a Cryo LSG custom fog-curtain effect installing on trussing.


This cold flow Cryo curtain was for the CMAA World Conference # 84 in 2011.

cyro wall curtain

Length of Curtain with 10 inch pipe

1) With one LSG and a ten foot length cryo curtain that is 16 feet off the ground (a 10 ft. truss a 5 ft. truss and a Conner block) you will have the best chilled cold flow as seen in the photo above and have crawling ground fog. Also you can run just cryo and very little smoke fluid due to a good linear flow rate. You can achieve the effect with just the cryo and little smoke.

2) With one LSG and a 20 foot length curtain that is 16 foot high you will see a completely covering flow and will achieve ground crawling as well. You will us a higher setting of smoke fluid mix with cryo. But a very even coverage. Once the cold flow is running for a minute the cold affects the area and makes for a better curtain effect

3) If we go 30 foot in length the curtain can have gaps in the flow and it will not crawl on the ground as the cold flow Cryo warms up too much as it travels. The effect always starts at the farthest point as the pressure needs to build in the piping (as the pipe fills with the Cryo) as the cold cryo pushes out the warm air in the pipe and turns the surrounding air in the curtain area colder. This is caused by Linear flow rate that is related to volumetric flow rate through the column diameter. Using two LSG one on each end will turn this 30 foot curtain into a an effect like # 1 by increasing the linear flow rate.

4) If you place the LSG up in the air even with the curtain and no cold flow is fighting curves or going up and the cold flow comes out of the machine into the pipe the best result will be obtained with the best chilled cold flow and highest pipe placement.


We can pipe the Cryo upward but the cold Cryo smoke flow wants to travel downward and to the lowest point. Forcing the it up and through long distances will warm up the fog. The cryo fog doesn't like sharp 90% turns or doesn't like traveling up, in doing so will warm up the Cryo effect. Our pipes have a special coating to keep the cold flow chilly, So special care is taken to design these effects.

LSG Effects are great for attracting attention for an entrance, can be a complete wall to a light cryo look.

We have 8 inch piping for cold flow that easier to hide and chills and crawls buy needs to be 10 foot off the ground and is 8 foot in length.

We also have a wide nozzle or doorway fog nozzles (seen below) that does a 12 foot wide area from 15 -18 feet off the ground.

The air handler may need to be turn off during the effect as it can push and pull the fog. We need dead air.

The Set-up of a cryo curtain for a reveal or walk through is set on inverted free standing truss, which can be dressed. 16 -18 ft.. high and 20 -30 foot across. The longer the hose or pipe the less cold flow will be obtained.


Custom Special Effects Curtains

cryo Curtaincryo Curtain

cryo Curtain

lsg cryo  fog ducting

cryo Curtain

lsg cryo duct for curtain UPLSG Curtain effect install

lsg piping  for fog curtianlsg custom pipning




Doorway Nozzle

Doorway Fog Nozzle

We have a LSG fog nozzle that can be mounted 15 feet off the ground and can cover a door entrance for a walk through 12 foot wide. This can be ducted off the ground. The LSG and dewar need to be next to the doorway with an inverted U truss setup.

The photo below is a LSG up 15 feet with the nozzle directly connected to a LSG. The wide directional fog curtain nozzle at 18 feet produces a 10-14 foot wide curtain. We can duct this with no problems as well.

wide LSG nozzleLSg wide nozzle

lsg nozzlelsg duct

We have produced low lying fog for many events, concerts, film and TV - local production of Broadway tours, tons of corporate events, tours, NFL Super bowl events to name a few...

Fog Fan NozzleFog Fan Nozzle

Fog Fan Nozzle dressed

door way effect

Molecular fluid and the Low Fog Generator (known as an LSG, it uses CO2 to chill the fog). The fluid is water based and formulated to disperse when it heats up enough to rise about knee level, but produces awesome creeping fog that was made not to set off fire alarms for us. The LSG is great for large stages, but we also use the Our Chiller and a F 100 smoke machine, Cold Flow with a F 100 smoke machine or Antari ICE (uses that 7-11 party ice or dry ice) for smaller venues. Depending on the size of your stage you may need 2 or 3 machines, but we still use the same fluid. The beauty of this fluid is there is no haze to affect your lighting.

Remember - smoke rises, haze diffuses and ground fog just lies around... different effects, different machines and different fluids.

doorway  fog cyro curtain nozzle


Stage Pocket

A Hidden Way of Allowing Low Lying Fog with a Low Profile LSG Nozzles

We can use cold flow to come up through stage pockets or traveling tower platforms.

The Fog distribution in an enclosed area depends on air flow and temperature. Natural air movement, air conditioning and other ventilation systems will affect movement.

LSG stage deck nozzle

LSG Stage Deck Nozzle, mounts flush with stage floor and raise up when fog is needed.


The clean look of the stage pocket can have low fog on demand with out seeing 10 inch hose, ducts or any tell tale of the effect. It pops up with the fog and disappears within the fog. This can be mount backstage with the LSG behind the video screen. The unit pops up when fog is needed. If mounted in the deck people and props can roll over the nozzle.

LSG stage  deck nozzle

The floor pocket keeps the 10 inch ducts or the large LSG machine out of sight and keep a clean look on stage. Can be install in stage ducting or off the upstage deck read to produce the effects.

Open/ Close Speed Adjustable by PSI 25-35 PSI
Mounts Flush w/ Stage Flooring 10 gauge Stainless steel
360 Degree or Directional Fog Distribution
2.5 high x 11"
Length: 13 " 32 cm
Width: 13 " 32 cm
Height: 8 " 21 cm
1.) Layout a 10 ¾” diameter and a 12 ¾” diameter hole
on the same centers onto the stage floor.
2.) Cut a through hole into the stage on the 10 ¾” diameter markings.
3.) Route away approximately a 5/16” recess in the remaining 12 ¾” diameter layout for the recess.

We always hear that the ground fog doesn't work well outdoors. We have successfully covered out doors and made it look natural. As you can see from these photos below that the walkway was made to look like a misty evening and mystic effect for a ambient rainforest for corporate event.

Outdoor Low Lying Effect

Low lying fog

cryo Low lying smoke

cO2 Low lying smoke crawling

We always hear that the ground fog doesn't work well outdoors. We have successfully covered out doors and made it look natural. As you can see from these photos.

low lying cryo smoke

Low lying  fog

The above photo has camouflage covering the Dewar or VGL tank and LSG unit on the walking path.

We can make the effect work outside as seen in these photos.

Low lying  co2 cryo smoke

lsg fog cro effect

jungle cryo  fog effect

cryo fog on pathway

low crawling fog on pathway

ground fog

Smoke Fluid

SAFE FOR USE ON “LIVE STAGE PERFORMANCES” – This product has been included in the "Equipment Based Guidelines For the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze" that has been prepared with the support of Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds, ESTA, et al.
To view the Calibration Factors for Monitoring Theatrical Smoke, Fog and Haze
Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze, prepared by ENVIRON
International Corporation for the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds, June 8, 2001.
In the United States, the current, widely recognized guidance levels for maximum exposure to actors of fogs, smoke effects, hazes, and other atmospheric effects using glycol, glycerol, and mineral oil

faster dissipation . This thick, clean, white fog is an optimal solution for a dense low-lying fog effect when chilled with the LSG

ENVIRON has developed a protocol use of safe smoke effects


Material Safety Data Sheet: Liquid CO2


ENVIRON has conducted smoke and haze testing at numerous productions, including:
Beauty and the Beast Miss Saigon
Cats The Phantom of the Opera
Chicago Ragtime
Jekyll & Hyde Rent
Les Miserables Smokey Joe's Cafe
The Life The Sound of Music
The Lion King Titanic
Mamma Mia! Wicked
Spamalot Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

We have worked with smoke and haze equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, including:
CITC, MDG Fog Generators, LSG,
High End Systems Reel EFX
Le Maitre Special Effects Rosco Laboratories
Look Solutions/Theatre Effects SFX
Martin Professional/Jem Smoke Factory

Because we collected the original exposure measurements on which the guidance levels are based and developed the air sampling protocol recommended by Equity for theatrical smoke and haze testing, we are uniquely qualified to provide testing services and documentation that would be responsive to any inquiries made by your cast or Equity.


Call Magic F/X 813.689.6269 for special effects



Dry Ice Methods

dry icer low fog


Very often, it's desirable to have Dry Ice fog to stay low to the ground for when the LSG is not affordable to use or ship.

Good for any level of production.

Dry Ice Effect is created by immersing solid Carbon Dioxide material (-90 C) into Hot Water (+90 C). The resultant mix is in fact - frozen steam. For you techies - Carbon Dioxide is the only material, known to man that goes from the solid state to the gaseous state without going through the liquid phase.

Dry Icer in Action

dry icer low ground fog

The Dry Icer machine is the traditional Mist/Fog machine - lightweight yet powerful. The rate of flow is easily controlled, and the unit’s 20 IBS dry ice capacity gives approximately 5 minutes of fog production. The Dry Ice blocks (or slices) are placed in the suspended basket above the heated water and the lid fixed down. When ready, the handle (shown in photograph) is lowered - thereby immersing the solid dry ice into the hot water. The unit can cover 20 x 20 plus. The expanding gas/water mixture is forced out the snout or the tube, if attached The pressure is built up which what forces the dry ice powerful.

dry icer crawling ground fog

This a cloud Like Deep Crawling fog, which looks different that when you add the smoke to the effect, What to go to the lowest point and falls downward off the stage.

4 step flow rate control and water level indicator.
Ducting hose and adaptor supplied
Heater cut off safety feature.
Durable, heat resistant exterior.

Can cause floor to get damp
Matting should be laid down if traffic
Should not be inhaled

Where can I get dry ice?
Look in the yellow pages under "Ice" or "Dry Ice". Many companies will deliver ice to you each day as needed. Ask your dealer to provide you with two-inch cubes, or if you want maximum fog, pellets.

How can I store dry ice?
Dry ice can be stored in a cooler or ice chest. Stored ice will evaporate relatively quickly, usually within 48 hours. Preferably, you should buy dry ice on the day of use. Do not buy dry ice more than one day in advance!

How much dry ice will I need?
20 pounds of dry ice will produce about 5to 7 minutes of fog.

How can I produce more fog?
Output can vary with the ice - if you break it up into tiny pieces and pump really hot water you'll get a big volume that won't run as long as if you used big pieces of ice in cooler water.

Why is it only producing a tiny amount of fog?
To make a lot of fog, even for a short duration, you need a lot of ice. If you use a lot of ice and hot water, you will produce a lot of fog.

How can I produce fog for a longer duration?
As in the above paragraph, you can use larger pieces of ice, or lower water temperature.

Runs for 5-7 minutes and is cool.

30 dry icer machinedryice machine30 gal water  50 pounds dry ice machine

Magic FX Industrial Strength 30 Gal Dry Ice Machine (old school) Holds 50 pounds dry ice and a water heater heater element. Dual output on top.



Other Gear that makes Low Lying Fog Effects

But First a list from the Biggest Professional Effect Machines to smallest effect machines for low lying crawling smoke/fog. In most cases we have video to show the volume.

# 1 - LSG machine Best and Biggest continuous volume for dry thick and deep fog
2 - Cryo Fog Machine - Second best has great continuous volume not as deep
3 - Cold Flow unit - good limited coverage ankle deep
4 - Dry Icer equipment - good volume, limited time
5 - Rossco Chiller box -lesser volume, dry limited depth continuous at low smoke machine settings
6 - Chiller 2000 unit - lesser volume, dry limited depth, continuous at low smoke machine settings
7 - Vortex Fog Chiller gear - lesser volume, limited depth
8 - Ice Machine machine Low depth and limited volume make haze in the air
9 - Home Made make your own is shown

Dry Ice Conversion Chillers

Fog Chiller Module The most economical way to create heavy ankle-deep fog

Fog Chiller Module

Fog Chiller Module needs smoke machine and dry ice

Fog Chiller Module

The most economical way to create heavy ankle-deep fog

Chiller 2000 used with a Smoke Machine

dry ice smoke

A Professional Method Dry Ice Conversion Chiller/ needs smoke machine.

chiller low lying fog machinedry ice chiller

Converts normal smoke (low lying fluid) from any fog machine into a floor-hugging cloud of dense, white fog. Dry Ice Conversion will instantly convert smoke from your water-based smoke machine into huge amounts of low-ground, thick white fog - continuously!

f 100 and dry ice chillerdry ice low lying fog

The Dry Ice Conversion is made of 1/4-inch space age formed plastic that is noncorrosive, durable, and unbreakable! Yet it only weighs 17 pounds! Its dimensions are 20" x 28" x 15", and it has the capacity to hold 30-50 Ibs. of dry ice lasting 3-5 hours. It's waterless, seamless and hammerless. Needs a power full professional series smoke machine like a G 300, G 3000, F - 100 which can constantly fill chamber with smoke. The Dry Ice Conversion is capable of emitting an adjustable, white, 10" + thick blanket of low-ground fog because lit can on 50 pounds of dry like in a large chamber. In photo front round ducting pipes pops off to load dry ice. The dry ice goes on the top shelve leaving the bottom space for the smoke to mix with the cool air. Like the model above but bigger and works best went dry ice not ice cubes.


The Double fans of the chiller forces 100 cfm (2.8 m3/min) of fog into dry ice chamber where it is dried and cooled before exiting unit through dual 5" (13cm) hoses. 30lbs (14kg) minimum = 1-3 hours; 40lbs (18kg) = 4 hours; 50lbs (23kg) = 5 hours. An area of up to 40' can be easily covered.

17 lbs./ 7.7kg
20" x 28" x 15" (51 cm x 71 cm x 38 cm)


Outdoor Graveyards low ground then hip to chest high long time hanging smoke. Low ground machine needed

OUTDOOR Ground Fog - Freezin Fog is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create optimum low lying fog effects for outdoor graveyard scenes. It is super thick on the front end and creates the perfect graveyard ground fog but here comes the good part; it is formulated to hang in the air to create the spooky graveyard scene as well.

Does a better job because it uses 50 pound dry ice and a bigger chamber than the Ice machine.


Smoke Machines for the Chiller effects or cold flow effects

smoke machine rentalsmoke machine

The better the smoke the better the effect. A 1500 - 2200 watt smoke machine works best, these are rated for continuous use and have dual pumps in some cases. The heat core will keep up with the demand.

the most powerful smoke machine G 300

smoke machine



The Top video is with Ice Cubes

The below Video Is with Dry Ice Pellets 

Vortex Fog Chiller

Vortex Fog Chiller Cold Fusion - Halloween Low Cold Ground Fog 	 Vortex Fog Chiller Cold FusionVortex Fog Chiller Cold Fusion - Halloween Low Cold Ground Fog 	 Vortex Fog Chiller Cold Fusion

Vortex Fog Chiller Handles foggers up to 10,000CFM /Ice (cubes) Capacity: 20 LBS Produces 500% as much resulting fog as the fog machine used to power it/this tiny unit becomes a powerhouse that can actually push the fog out to the scene 10, 20 even 30 feet away without using fans of any kind/ Needs smoke machine and ice. For treating a small area.

Dimensions: 19H X 16W X 13D / Weight: 6 LBS

Community Theater and High Schools Can build their own chiller for low lying effect;

You can always build your own Fog Machine Chiller Project as seen below click here



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Confetti and bubble machines Service in West Virginia; Beckley, Charleston, Clarksburg, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling

Smoke FX for corporate events Service in Wisconsin; Appleton, Ashland, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Prairie du Chien, Racine, Rhinelander, Superior, Waukesha, Wausau

Theatrical effects and pyrotechnic Service in Wyoming; Casper, Cheyenne, Gillette, Jackson Hole, Rock Springs