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Machines set on equal settings

Our USA made machines has all the bells and whistles including UL Approved

The right snow machine makes all the difference and many snow machines look alike, but they don't perform the same. The machines listed below are Low range - Low output NON (not) EVAPORATING (meaning foamy wetter snow) Consumer Grade (china made) brand machines: You not getting special effects adopted direct from Hollywood movie sets if you machines are;
Chauvet : Antari : Vivid : Flurry : Snow Flurry : Silent Storm : True North : Evolution : Soundlab : Skytec : Starlight and Magic Pro : Omnisistem : The Dragon : Snow Jet

Snowmasters Brand is the Snow Machines that Hollywood Movie uses in Movies and used in Movie Studio Theme Parks worldwide. If its not snowmasters its not the real deal.

We know the spec's of all these(above) overseas made machines, we know how the blower and pump is configured and how they operate and perform. The advertising of these many of these machines claim performance only snowmasters offers, If it not The Snowmasters Brand its not top-of-the-line snow generators representing the latest in quality snow production technology. Snowmasters is America made.

Even those who sell these consumer grade machines make statements which reads as the follows "Leaves a barely perceptible no-slip residue" or "snow that evaporates within a few seconds of touching the floor, leaving almost no residue at all behind". These other snow machines have a great tendency to produce larger agglomerates, which in turn lead to excessive moisture buildup in the surrounding area while the larger flakes looking more like soap suds falling. Plus they don't get much distance.

The Superior features of snowmasters snow machine are high volume- long distance throw with the quality pump and blower, true DMX flake and machine control, engineered quite nozzles and socks. Your paying the same money why not get the best snow possible.

Check what brand machines your hiring or booking this season as some lighting companies, other snow companies, staging event planners, on line rentals and FX companies offer the listed machines above.

So many offer the cheaper 250.00 snow machine model for top dollar professional brand machines and some advertise them as what hollywood uses, or say the cadillac of snow machines or their very own and created a system of snow machines. Snowmasters owns the snow blowing technology and if its now snowmasters brand its inferior 1990 models. Some paint the machine to take off the consumer brand name and may even silk screen a name. These inferior Consumer Grade are slanted in the front and will make a larger foamy snow.

old 1990 low output snow machine


For example the Chauvet consumer grade snow machine (pictured above) has the same basic looks as most snow machines, but it doesn't perform the same as a Snowmasters Professional Grade Machine. These consumer grade commercially available machines are inferior and have a great tendency to produce larger agglomerates, which in turn lead to excessive moisture buildup in the surrounding area while the larger flakes looking more like large soap suds falling.
You may not know how good your snow event can look until you see one of our snow falling displays.

We could never get the results we do with any of these listed above consumer grade snow machines, the results as seen in our video demos. Plus these machines do not hold a UL rating and your insurance company will want a UL Listed Machine on your property.

These consumer (Chauvet and Antari) grade brand machines that are made in China overheats (they needs to be turn off in 10-15 minutes),are louder, using a gal an hour flow rate, spraying foam snow shorter distances rated at 15' and 8' wide while only costing a few hundred dollars. All of these machines like Chauvet and Antari are snowmasters 1990 old technology and are the first snow machines invented. Antari was the first company commissioned by Francisco Guerra to manufacture snow machines and make them available commercially back in the early 90's.

These early machines that still are sold today spray snow flakes that are more moist with no evaporating properties, so the flakes are bigger and heavier so they won't fly and stay in the air like snowmasters brand of machines. Our snowmasters machines spray a High Volume - High Ranger yet dry light snow traveling 35- 80 ft that will evaporate before it hits the ground when adjusted correctly by flake size.

Each internal part of the snowmasters snow machines are improved and updated/upgraded each year, from the pump to the modulating sock to the blower, to give better performance.

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