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asdlegoland theme parkasd

We provide Bubbles for Disney World, Disney Cruise Ships and Legoland Theme Parks.


Pepsi could of hired any one, country wide each and We provided massive bubbles 8 Million for PepsiCo which Introduces "FIZZ" at World Maker Faire and Grab Life by the Bubble on Brand and immersive beverage experience.

bubble machines for pepsibubble machines for pepsi


Need massive bubbles like Pepsi we provided 8 million bubbles

Professional Industrial Bubbles Machines for Corporate Conventions, Professional Sports, Street Festivals, Theatrical Shows or just filling up a Ballroom. We can provide full service for a bubble event, we can provide Bubble Machine Rentals or sales.


bubbles machines

As seen at CNN Turner Broadcasting Systems Latin America Upfront 2012 event at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

bubble machinespro bubble machines

Our Pro Bubble machines are used for stage products, street events, sports games and corporate conventions. It's always best for the machines to be floor mounted as bubbles are blown upward and our bubbles once in the air disappears no residue releasing, as they dry out in the air. In general bubble machines work the same indoors or outdoors. But outdoors the winds or breeze carries the bubbles upward and spread them. Indoors the use fans to help spread the bubbles as the wind would. The problem is the theater or venue AC air handlers can blow down onto the bubbles or even be a turbulent wind to the bubbles and can effect the distance and flow and may even pop the bubbles permature. So testing is needed if the bubble machine are installed up high and near the ceiling (high balcony area) or off the ground.

To gain the best and cleanest effect indoors floor mount the machines. Best results outdoors raise the machines off the ground. Indoor mats/rug may be needed (depending on floor type) in front of the machines depending the machine position (say up off the floor as the bubbles can break as they come out of the machines wands. Each wand can make 8 - 12 bubbles and some do not survive on the floor less noticeable and raised off the ground more flying time. With special effect bubbles, snow and smoke there no telling how a theater or ballroom will affect the results. We had great sucess say with Hershey doing bubbles in a ballroom in the ceiling at 20 foot height. Most of the best bubble shows have been using a good number of floor mounted machines.

Bubble machines  at a corporate eventbubbles at a bubble theme  show

whole lot of bubbles

bubble by a pool at Fontainebleau Miami FL

Here is Bubble Machine at Poolside at the Fontainebleau Miami FL

Special Effects Atmospheric Effects - Bubbles , Floating Bubbles, Let the Bubble Effect Specialist at Magic FX provide Bubble Effect Machines at your Event. With a huge inventory of professional bubble machines rentals and full service that has been maintained to our high standards and tweaked to our specs by our company. We have a the right machine for your event.

 bubble machine at a stadiumbuuble machines at Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament


Bubbles Machines to fill a Ballroom - Bubbles Cover a City Block - Bubbles to fill a Stadium

Our bubble machine effects at sonny

Djokovic of Serbia holds his trophy after his victory over Murray of Britain at the Sony Ericsson Open tennis tournament in Key Biscayne

Bubbles to fill a StadiumBuuble machine in a stadium event

We provided the 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS) and to 200 countries on March 31st and April 1st at Crandon Park Tennis Center Key Biscayne Florida. We used over 20 bubble machines for this Tennis First awards with Bubbles.


A Tennis First Bubbles at the award ceremony.

12 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS) 12 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS)



2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS) and to 200 countries

We filled the stadium with bubbles for the 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament awards.

12 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS)

Bubble machine rentals 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS) Bubble machine rentals2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS)

The world of Tennis call The Effect Specialist when bubbles were needed.

Bubble machine rentals 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament with one of the largest Bubble Events "live" on TV (CBS)


Bubble machine rentals 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament

Bubbles at Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Finals

A Tennis First Bubbles at the award ceremony.bubble machines at Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Finals

Bubble machine rentalsbubble machines  at pro sports

We provided the Bubbles for the 2012 Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament awards for the entire Stadium.

Bubble machine rentals

We had machines around the stadium and as the breeze blew the bubbles went everywhere for the 4 minutes.

Bubbles to fill a StadiumBubbles to fill a Stadium

The audience loved the bubbles which was a Tennis first at the award ceremony.

Time times More bubble Fluid
Large Bubbles 8" - 20"
Small Bubbles 1' - 3"
1000's of Bubbles Per-Minute
Smoke Filled Bubbles
High Volume - Big Output Bubble Machines
Full Service Bubble Events for Corporate Stage Productions

Zigmont Magic FX Inc 813 689 6269 zigmont@zigmont.com

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The Effect specialist Zigmont

The Effect Specialist at Work.


Need a crazy amount of bubbles in Florida or any point across the country? We can Create a bubble zone in a ballroom, on stage for a corporate party, special event or an outdoor plaza or fill a stadium. We supply bubble machines for special events for that festive look and feel or to gain attention. We employ all style and types of bubble machines that are tested and approved by our effect specialist. The best professional brands and models of bubble machines from the current models and past models. We know the performance of all our bubble machines and will choose the best units for your event. The correct selection of bubbles machine for the right look. We provide services to make your event turn-key operation. We use a special bend of bubble fluid to make our machines perform unbelievable. The right machines make all the difference.


Bubbles at an Events are at Children's Hospital of Minneapolis event 2012

bubble machine eventoutdoor bubble machines display

Bubbles Machines can make a statement when you have a effect specialist provide the special effects.

bubble machine event for lisabubbles fly high over head at a event

The Children's Hospital of Minneapolis event used 8 bubble machines.

bubbles fly high and lasting long


Bubbles for a 2009 indoor event and are always in Fashion. Machines Floor mounted.

bubble machine effects<epty>

American Resort Development Association with Bubbles everywhere with no residue. (ARDA)


Indoor bubbles from 1 inch to 4 inch bubbles with no residue.


Bubbles at American Resort Development Association (ARDA)

bubble machines used for corporate event

Bubble Machine at a Corporate Event

bubble machine used at a corporate convention

High flying and plentiful Bubbles for Tupperware 2007 new line intro in Florida on a rug deck alway slip free.

bubbles at a corporate event


Bubble Machines are perfect for Corporate Parties, Weddings, Nightclubs, Sport Teams Pre show Plaza Events, Birthday Parties, Fashion Shows, Retail Centers, Malls and all Celebrations

bubble machine  effects

The new Bubble Tube Machine That we have 16 on the Disney Cruise Ship Lines in the Walt Disney Theater.


A soapy bubble is a very thin film of soap water that forms a sphere with an iridescent surface.

A soapy bubble is a very thin film of soap water that forms a sphere with an iridescent surface.

bubbles at a bubble theme  show

One bubble machine spreading far and wide with the help of a fan.

bubble machine at a event

17th century Flemish paintings show children blowing bubbles with clay pipes. This means that bubbles as playthings are at least 400 years old. A Chicago company called Chemtoy began selling bubble solution in the 1940s, and they have captivated children ever since. According to one industry estimate, retailers sell around 200 million bottles annually, perhaps more than any other toy.

Despite the fact that soap bubbles have been with us for hundreds of years, they are still a relatively new effect in the theatre.
This is a fact that the inventive designer will use to his advantage. Remember that novelty is one of the things that makes a special effect special;
the less an audience has seen an effect, the larger an effect it will have.

Kids zome bubble event

Our bubble zone can allow the kids to use our Jumbo bubble wands to make their own make giant bubbles.

We are Bubbles Masters and you will find us to be experts on bubbles. We know the creator and are friends with Brian Glover the inventor of the modern bubble machine. Once there was just one bubble machine on the market, the Altman lighting company bubble machine. The Lawrence Welk Show used 16 of these machines. Brian devolved the modern day machine with uses internal fans and a calculated wind wave within the machine to produce more bubbles than ever seen before his Bubble machine prototype

Bubble machines use a thick glycerin-based soap solution (bubble juice) and a series of plastic wands to generate hundreds of floating soap bubbles. There is no advanced technology behind the bubble production their's different wands configuration and different fan power and wind tunnel lengths, but the machines are mechanically dipped into the soapy solution and bubbles are formed in the open air. A small electric fan may encourage bubbles to move away from the machine, but that's as high tech as it gets. But the pro models use the fan output to increase the amount of bubbles produced. Also the bubble wands are made in many different designs, while the cheaper bubble machines have less design and performance.

authentic Welk bubble machines

Above Authentic Lawrence Welk bubble machine, early Altman model

Lawrence Welk show toy

Below the last run of Altman Bubble machine. These machines were made out of cast iron, today's machines are plastic housing.

Altman bubble machine

Bubble machines have been available for decades, primarily as special effects for show bands or attention-seeking shop owners. Perhaps the most famous use of bubble machines occurred weekly on the American television program The Lawrence Welk Show. Welk's sophisticated arrangements of popular hit songs was often called 'Champagne music', so Lawrence Welk used his bubble machines to suggest the bubbles found in champagne coming alive on stage.

modern day bubble machine


Bubble Machine Demo Video

Bubble Machine Demo Video #2


Because soap bubbles create attention, store owners may mount outside of their shop

Bubbles are a great special effect -Bang for the Buck!

Video Demo of a Bubble Event

bubbles at an event

Breathtaking High Volume Bubbles ZONE to Add atmosphere!

Blow 'em away with bubbles! A bubble machine will enhance the music and overall ambiance of small parties or big corporate events

special effects bubbles aya party event

Bubble Machines pricing starts with our 3 machine package.

With Bubbles sizes 1"- 2"- 4"- 12" - 20" round and high floating helium filled Bubbles!

Bubbles at a event blowing bubbles

Company New Year's Eve parties, holiday celebrations, sports events, Companies Picnics, even a great special effect for trade show presentations and children's theatre. Gain attention!!!! Add atmosphere!

Bubble Machine Options;
Smoke Fill Bubbles
Helium Filled Bubbles
Bubble Wands
Doubling up and Tripling up Bubble Machines

Bubbles from 1" - 20"

With 2000-3000 bubbles per Bubble Machine minute with the ability to project them a distance of up to 50 feet, this equipment creates a bubble fantasy land that is truly breathtaking. High Volume Bubbles from 1"- 2" - 4" - 8'- 12" 20" dia is possible.

bubbles at a event

Photo is bubble zone tripled up with bubble machines of different types.

Bubble event with bubble machines

Bubble Machines have made a tremendous comeback over the past several years.

bubbles at an event

A soapy bubble can exist because the surface layer of a liquid (usually water) has a certain surface tension, which causes the layer to behave somewhat like an elastic sheet. However, a bubble made with a pure liquid alone is not stable and a dissolved surfactant such as soap is needed to stabilize a bubble. A common misconception is that soap increases the water's surface tension, soap actually does the opposite, decreasing it to approximately one third the surface tension of pure water. Soap does not strengthen bubbles, it stabilizes them, via an action known as the Marangoni effect. As the soap film stretches, the surface concentration of soap decreases, which in turn causes the surface tension to increase. So soap selectively strengthens the weakest parts of the bubble and tends to prevent them from stretching further. In addition, the soap reduces evaporation so the bubbles last longer, although this effect is relatively small.

Kids bubble zone event

Kids love to play in the BUBBLE ZONE

Methods to use

Using a bubble machine to create various theatrical effects is a great way to add a sense of magic and beauty to any performance. Just as there are different kinds of bubble machines, there are also different kinds of bubble machine fluids. You may want to experiment with some before your performance.

Place your bubble machine close to the ceiling when you want your bubbles to look like they are falling magically out of the air. Even though the built-in fan shoots them out fairly fast, having your machine up high allows them to cascade gently down from above.

Direct the output of a small sized fog machine towards the intake fan of your bubble machine to create a bubble storm of smoke-filled bubbles. This makes your bubbles more visible for your audience, plus after a while they burst into little clouds of fog, which is another interesting effect. Set the fog input low so you don't have a cloud of fog and your bubbles disappear.

Use a strobe light with a cloud of cascading bubbles. This produces a dramatic, mesmerizing effect for dream sequences in plays and musicals, rock performances, nightclub acts or any other kind of show that would require this kind of effect.

Bubbles Effects are being used in many play productions

boardway uses bubbles
Joan Marcus / AP file/ Kristin Chenoweth stands on her bubbling pendulum chair in the opening scene of the
Broadway musical "Wicked," which received the Drama Desk Award for best musical.



Corporate theater use bubbles for skits and presentations
Haunters love them when used in conjunction with strobe lights to create a spectacular disorienting effect for their patrons as attention-getters at fairs and festivals

Rock bands are starting to catch on the thrill of bubbles, like Areosmith, Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls.

bubbles, like Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls

Bubble machines event

bubble FX

Everyone loves bubbles seen at this block party

bubble machine

Bubbles at a Concert Video

We use all our machines for corporate and special events, so these are the best machines and all have features that have serviced us well. Nobody has a inventory like the effect Specialist. Below is all the bubble machines units we employ;

monster bubbles

bubble machinebubble machinesjumbo bubble machines12 inch bubbles high volume bubbles machine

pro bubble machines bubble master Compact bubble machines Altman bubble machine buuble max bubble machine rental

You can rent a bubble machines or have full service.

Our Bubble Machine rentals are as follows most recent price listing and inventory;

bubble machine

Super Bubble

Hundreds of smaller 1" - 2" bubbles per min rents For 75.00 a day

The queen bubble machine

The Queen

Hundreds of smaller 1- 2" bubbles per min rents for 75.00 a day

Altman bubble machine

The Welk

No longer made Altman bubbles machine 2-5 inch bubbles Rents for 150.00 a day

bubble machine rental

Small - Med Bubbles

The Bubble Master 550 with 3 powerful fans and DMX and wireless on board rents for 125.00 a day


the king bubble machine

The King is our favorite machine for producing bubbles 125.00 A day

bubble machine rentalsbubble machine rentals

The King makes an enormous quantities of bubbleand projecting up to 20 feet away .

the master bubble machine

The Master

Over 12,000 bubbles per minute, seen by every major theme park in the world. Is equipped with high power fans that offer a variable speed control which allows for greater flexibility in the bubble projection. Rents for 150.00 a day

bubble max combo

The Bubble Maxed Out Combo

This system with 16 wands will send 1.25" - 3" bubbles (1200-1400 bubbles per minute) up and outward to 40'. The larger reservoir ( 3 qts. = 4 hrs) produces a continuous three hour output lowest residue and the least amount of splatter (Least Amount of Splatter in front of machine!). Fewest Amount of Premature Bursting Bubbles (when using Bio-Bubble Fluid)! Seen in the Aerosmith Concert Tour. Rents for 275.00

12 inch bubbles high volume bubbles machine

The Monster

Giant Bubbles 12" - 20" or Super Volume output ( splatters 6 feet to the front) This is seen at Disney Special events. This unit is heavy and is costly to ship.Rents for 450.00 a day

Giant Bubbles 12" - 20"Giant Bubbles20 inch bubbles

The Monster


The Monster bubble Machine - No longer made,the Monster makes bubbles 2 -12" big. Rents for 275.00 a day

The New Power Bubble Tube Coming Soon! New Product to USA,never seen before.

Compact and powerful bubbles machine to be hung or put on the ground. Designed for an easy use, low noise and very reliable, it works on events, as well in concert, theatre or TV shows. The size of the bubble
brings you a spectacular visual presence.
The Bubble Tube rents for 175.00 a day

Bubble tube  bubble machine

Tripod Stand Plate

Tripod Stand Plate Rents for 20.00 a day

directors fan

Directors fans Moves air 100 feet

Directors fan

Directors 2 fan Moves air 100 feet

No longer made Monster bubbles 2-12" Rents for 400.00 a day Large follow of huge bubbles

Fluid Consumption: 1 Gallon = 50 min. @ 100% Output/Fluid not included in rental

Bubble fluid sells from 30.00 - 70.00 dollars

Formula price range

Delivers strong, long-lasting, iridescent, brilliant, colorful bubble

Evaporative Bubble Fluid 45.00

Bubble it Thinner bubbles for short distance 45.00

BUBBLE SCIENCE for 10 x more bubbles 68.00

Bio Bubbles They don't even break in the rain! Completely biodegradable 86.00

Bubbles That are drier, last longer 45.00

Bubbles scented 105.00

Original bubble fluid 18.00

Effect Specialist zigmont@zigmont.com 813.689.6269 zigmont@effectspecialist.com

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bubble machines on tripod

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