Flogo Flying logo's advertising

"FLOGOS" is short for "FLOATING/FLYING LOGOS", making clouds into shapes. The FLOGOS™ -lite will stop traffic at every event and is guaranteed to make your event the talk of the town.

flogo FLOATING/FLYING LOGOS", making clouds into shapes

An explosive new advertising medium in THE SKY! Flogos Are your Brand in the shape of Flying Logos and a Social Media campaign all in one. Your Flogo Specialist is here to connect your brand for a large area at your location and in social media. Find and engage and target your audience.
FLOGOS™ are individually designable flying foam motifs that rise into the air and guarantee an out-of-the-ordinary visual experience! With FLOGOS™, you can present your messages, symbols and logos in a way that truly grabs attention.


FLOGOS -- Logos that Fly!

Olaf flogo Olaf flogo Olaf flogo

Olaf flogo

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks and Flogos creates people sharing Flogos through social media Such as Facebook, twitter, e mails, etc. Flogos create a social media marketing. With Flogo people find the Flogo source and take photos and it goes around the world.

These customized foamFlying Logo's can put your message or image in the air at outdoor or indoor events. Whether you want to entertain your guests, visitors or audiences, within the framework of marketing measures or to entertain children: the range of possibilities is wide and offers scope for achieving a broad variety of objectives.

It is a combination of "flying logos" or "floating logos."
And even if FLOGOS™ are far more than just logos, the original name was retained.
flogo tech
After all,… "flying foam motifs" or "floating lettering" just doesn't have that ring to it when abbreviated.FLOGOS™ are made of "bath foam," which flies through the air with the help of compressed air and helium.

This bath foam is created using filtered water and a concentrate of our special FLOGOS™ Juice.

FLOGOS™ are skin-friendly, 100% environmentally compatible and simply dissolve after about 45 minutes.They generally bob to heights of 300 to 500 feet (90 to 150 meters), the inventors say, though they can rise up to 20,000 feet (6,100 meters) in the air.

With flogo you get your brand seen in the surrounding area around the property that your are marketing plus the benefit of social media campaign. Today everyone has a mobile device and shares new things they experience. Three recent research studies show active Internet users spend anywhere from 16% to nearly 25% of their online time on social networks.


FLOGOS™ consist of "bath foam", produced by mixing water and our FLOGOS™ Juice, which is bio-degradable. This means that FLOGOS™ leave no environmentally harmful residue when they dissolve after approx 40 minutes.
That makes FLOGOS™ an innovative Green-Marketing Tool that fits in perfectly with a corporate mission statement that emphasizes sustainability.

flogo machine tank

As very little FLOGOS™ fluid is used for each operation, the machines can be operated for several days with one filling and without the need for topping up.
How long does the FLOGOS™ fluid keep?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are referring to the FLOGOS™ fluid as an unmixed concentrate or as the finished FLOGOS™-water mixture.
The pure FLOGOS™ fluid concentrate (not yet mixed with water) will keep for several years.

As soon as the FLOGOS™ fluid is mixed with water, it can only be kept for a maximum of 7 days. Precisely how long the FLOGOS™-water mixture remains usable depends on the water quality. The poorer the water quality, the shorter the useful life of the FLOGOS™-water mixture. It is important to note that the FLOGOS™-water mixture will "go bad" suddenly. So the FLOGOS™-water mixture should always be renewed at the latest after 7 days!


Flogos Media

"New heights in Advertising" - CNBC

"Fake Clouds Fly in Bryant Park" - Good Morning Ameirca

"Picture the Manhattan skyline filled with
Nike swooshes" - Dallas News

"Major League Baseball franchises and various Fortune 500 companies have expressed interest, a well as a presidential campaign" - Associated Press

A company that puts advertising in the sky..." - Birmingham Weekly

flogo flying logos flogo flogo flying logoflogo flying logo

Flogos represents a unique marketing opportunity for almost every occasion. Whether yours is an outdoor event or an indoor concert, your company's brand can take to the skies in a form that is unique and memorable for your audience!

The best message branding since the America Indian's used smoke signals.


Flogos are in Florida for MircoSoft After Party Orlando. flogos are flying logos Blog

microsoft flogomircosoft flogo

Windows Logo Flogo

Even if any outdoor event is more fun when the sun is shining and the temperatures are mild:

FLOGOS™ works in almost any weather.

"Upward," there are no limits, i. e. even extreme heat and humidity are not a problem.
High temperatures don't affect the foam or the flying characteristics of FLOGOS™.

"Downward," FLOGOS™ works up to temperatures of -4 degrees Centigrade and wind speeds of up to 12 km/h. Light rain or drizzle don't bother FLOGOS™ either. Heavy rain, on the other hand, would destroy the foam flogo stencil.


zigmont@zigmont.com 813.689.6269 flogos are flying logos.blogspot.com

Our flogo specialist will custom cut your company's logo or artwork and we will send your image flying high into the air above your next corporate event in Florida, the Southeastern US or nationwide. Flogos are non-toxic, biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. A large 36" flogs can be really detailed. Flogos are synthesized from proprietary surfactant (soap) based foam formulations and lighter than air gases such as helium. Flogos are designed to last for as long as their visual impact is needed. Specific formulations are available to provide a life expectancy of a few minutes to an hour or so. The visual impact also greatly depends on atmospheric conditions such as wind and relative humidity.  On average Flogos last for thirty to forty minutes. Our certified Flogo tech will place the Flogo machine in the optimum location to ensure your Flogos fly over your intended target. We need Flogos to travel with the direction of the current wind flow. The wind current can change at higher altitudes.

Flogo are very visible as they take flight to hundreds then thousand of feet high and miles of travel before they evaporate. Flogos can travel 1 to 30 miles and go as high as 5,000 thousand feet. They travel slow so they are very visible for a long time. With one Flogo machine, on average, you will produce one Flogo every 15 seconds (20 sec on average) to 50 seconds depending on the machine size and desired thickness.   The Flogo machine has been modified to be extremely portable and affordable. Two Flogo Machines can produce 4 - 6 flogos logo's a minute.

Use the Flogo machine to gain and add sponsors ($sponsorships$) or payback your sponsors and make sure their presence is seen with flying logo's. The machine itself has 4 sides that can hold the sponsor banners/ad's (advertising) and the machine becomes a focal point of interest, media and photo magnet. People love to snap a photo of the flogo as starts its flight. Flogo's can be the hit of the event while working to gain your sponsorship attention and retention of their brand.


It has come to our attention that another Company is offering what they claim is a similar product - you should be aware that this is a cheaper Chinese copy whereas we only use the original award winning and Patented Flogos technology - do not be fooled by cheap imitations


Zigmont Magic FX Inc Effect Specialist® 813 689 6269 zigmont@zigmont.com

Irresistible to Watch, Whimsical Fun, a Sky-High Marketing Opportunity, Create instant excitement, recognition and buzz for your corporate identity - visible from every angle, and for any size crowd.

What the newest FX effect that you can't get anywhere else and soon to be seen at Major Attractions worldwide. Have you ever wondered what you would say if you could use the clouds to advertise?" Flogos are a revolutionary way to market products, services and events.


Apart from the gentle sound of the water bubbling, the FLOGOS™ machines are completely silent.

Of course, if compressors are used, some noise is generated. We use very quiet units with a sound level of only 58 db in the immediate vicinity (approx. 2 m radius) of the FLOGOS™ machines.

Just a few meters further away from the machines, the noise is already so far reduced that it is not a problem.


We can offer air advertisement with sky time with your message. We can gain the attention with a product logo in any location.

flogos events

Not since the American Indians used smoke signals have messages been so clear.

What would happen if we could make clouds into shapes? What if we can them form logos? Logos that Fly, are now known as Flogos. The product is called Flogo's, which is a composition of the words flying and logos. Flogos Greek word meaning any kind of communication, It could be translated "message."


flogo lite logo machine

FLOGOS™ are also ideal for use indoors.

The FLOGOS™ foam is very dry and therefore makes virtually no wet marks on walls or ceilings.
Higher ceilings are better, as then the FLOGOS™ can rise further and spread better, but FLOGOS™ can also be used in rooms with low ceilings.

The helium content of FLOGOS™ can be very finely metered, allowing to control the speed at which they rise.
You can even have FLOGOS™ hover almost on the spot, an excellent effect, especially for indoor events.

As the conditions are absolutely stable indoors (no wind, constant air humidity, etc.), the helium content can be set to a constant and perfect level.

flogo lite flogo machine  for events

Flogo Lite is great indoors for a rain day.

flogo machine rental

Backed by years of research, Flogos are fun and environmentally safe. If you've got the blockbuster event, we've got the sky covered!

36 inch flogo machine


flogo machine inside a ballroom

flogos insideflogo logo hanging on ceiling

No harm, no mess as flogos say around 15 - 20 minutes and disolve.

flogo Flogos, or floating logos, are bubbles filled with air and helium. They can be formed in shapesflying logos for events

Flogos, or floating logos, are bubbles filled with air and helium. They can be formed in shapes

floogo flying logos floridaflogo flying logo  for your corporate event

Flying foam in the shape of a symbol or Logos, released April 1st 2008, and is a Patent Technology. We are part of the Flogo Team operated by Global Special Effects.


Because the FLOGOS™ templates can be replaced very quickly and easily you can fly serveral in an hour.

It takes just a few simple steps to replace the templates, even while the machine is in operation.
The brackets on the sides of the machine are simply released and the template removed. Changing the template thus takes only a few seconds, so different FLOGOS™ motifs can be launched successively.
flogo bear
If the shapes are very small, it may also be possible to have several different motifs on one template (e. g. small hearts) and launch them into the air simultaneously.
However, if you want to release several larger motifs at once, this is only possible by using several FLOGOS™ machines.

Flogos are custom flying shaped logos, the Flogo clouds can hover at various heights, depending on the amount of helium and oxygen mixed into the formula. As a norm, they'll fly about 300 to 500 feet high, they can sail much higher or lower if needed, he said. They travel at a slow pace for 20 to 30 miles, at altitudes up to 20,000 feet. The logos have that soft, puffy look of a cloud, but stay cohesive even if they bounce off a building.

flogos are bubbles

FLOGOS™ can travel many kilometers before they dissolve. Depending on the wind conditions, they can fly up to 10 kilometers and rise to a height of up to 1500m.

As FLOGOS™ have a life expectancy of around 40 minutes, it doesn't take long for the sky to be full of them.
They can be seen across long distances above rooftops and trees, and they transport their message far beyond the location of the event itself.

flogos  logo

With Flogos flying thousands of feet high and traveling blocks then miles as they last up to an hour in flight it's possible to have a long trail of them that would blow about, making them ideal advertising. A real attention getter and a advertising marvel. You can use the to advertise or get you location known or product see by thousands at a time per minute. The air is free game, so companies can promote a product or simply display their logo anywhere desired. It's a new form of advertising that's never been used before,. "The sky literally is the limit."

Think about how you can use high flying Flogos at a sports event, outdoor corporate conventions, golf coarse's, plaza activates for arenas, grand openings, theme parks etc...

Flogos are much better than other methods of extreme advertising such as blimps or skylights to gain attention. Flogos are ground base generated with people able to see them float over head, down the block and flooding the sky. Flogos are able to be generated near the target audience or some distance away and will still gain the attention. Great for stadium or arena game day.

EA Sports Flogo

FLOGOS™ are generated on a continuous basis. And how many FLOGOS™ are launched per minute depends mainly on the size and complexity of the motif.

As a basic rule, small FLOGOS™ can be generated in quicker succession than large ones. The interval varies between approx. 10 and 40 seconds.

If several generators are used, they are set so that they release the foam motifs into the air at staggered intervals. This means no long pauses, and the audience doesn't have to wait more than a few seconds before there's something new to see.


Zigmont Magic FX offices is Based out of Florida


We Have Flogo 36 - creates 36 inch Flogos

A combination of a little helium and a lot of air produces a substance that looks and floats like a cloud. The best part is, the substance can be molded into any form. In the future, we will be able to color them.

Mickey Ears Flogo Demo Clip

Mickey Head very 15 seconds clip

Atlanta Braves tomahawk Clip

Flogo Cross Clip

Flogo Cross 2 clip

Flogo Peace Symbol

24 inch Peace Symbol Clip

Is Flogo advertising or special effects that gain attention with your Logo?

Visit http://flogos.net/projects.html

Flogos flying foam logo cross

How long do they last?

Flogos are designed to last for as long as their visual impact is needed. Specific formulations are available to provide a life expectancy of a few minutes to an hour or so. This also greatly depends on atmospheric conditions such as wind direction and speed.

Will they travel over my target ?

Our certified Flogo tech will place the Flogo generator in the optimum location. We need Flogo’s to travel with the direction of the current wind flow. The wind current can change at higher altitudes. But Flogo are very visible as they take flight to hundreds then thousand of feet high and miles of travel before they evaporate.

How far and high can they travel?

They can travel 20-30 miles and go as high as 20,000 thousand feet. They travel slow so they are very visible for a long time.

How complex of a logo can be made?

Our designers use Flogo software to develop and test custom shapes. The Flogo generators are available in stand sizes 24 inch and 36 inch versions and 48 inch model in development. The larger the Flogo generator the more complex logo can be archived.

How long will it take to develop our Flogo?

Our in house Flogo art department will develop your Flogo stencil in 10 days.

Are they environmentally safe?

Flogos are Green ( they are white) and 100% environmentally safe.

Can you color them?

Our current Flogo’s are a white cloud version, we will be releasing color Flogos in tinted colors on request in 2009.

How many Flogo’s per minute?

With one Flogo generator you will produce one Flogo every 15 seconds; we recommend that you have two machines which can generate a Flogo every 7 seconds. For larger events you may need 6-8 Flogo generators.

What sizes are the Flogos?

Currently available in 24 inch and 36 inch models with the Flogo clouds having negative space on the stencil making the Flogo shape smaller in some cases, but they are dimensional (thick) in size.
We can change out stencil making many different Flogos fly in the air at one time. We have our standard shapes to add in to the event along with your custom Flogo.

We will have available in the near future a 48 inch generator and in development a custom 6 foot generator.

Client Provides:

Flogo Generator needs a 10 x 12 area.

Shapes can be made to resemble most anything, a few examples;


lighting bolt
four leaf clover
christmas tree
snow flakes
letters A-Z
music note
beer bottle
martini glass
question mark ?
Olympic rings



Flogos Logos

Auburn logo

flogos  logo


flogo advertising

A flogo Event

Flogo indoors


Before you dismantle the FLOGOS™ machine, the water has to be drained off.

The water can be drained off using almost any submersible water pump.

The FLOGOS™-water mixture is 100% eco-friendly, so theoretically, it can be drained off anywhere. As the FLOGOS™-water mixture can be used for up to 7 days after mixing, we recommend that it is stored in canisters for further use. What is important is that the FLOGOS™ machine is completely drained.

flogo spec sheet

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