Cryo co2  fx  LED jets, cO2 nozzles, LED cryo FX jet, cryo cannons,  cryo effects Hanson Prosystems Cryo jets with LED lights, Cryo swing 180 jet Sigma services the oringinal cyro jet made for disney Mega cryo for WCW sports Global Special effects cryo jet , cryo nozzle with the largest co2 release Cryo jets for The NHL Lightening for Game opener


Effect Specialist® FLORIDA’S PREMIER SPECIAL EFFECTS COMPANY FOR OVER 20 YEAR. Trust the experts that Disney uses Zigmont Magic FX! Tampa Florida Call 813 689 6269

cryo effects and CO2 jets rentals

Proffesional Grade Cryo Services


Trust the Brands the professional series Cryo Co2 Jets, Sigma Invented the Cryo Jet. Get proven Professional Results, when it has to be right you need Effect Specialist®



A reveal for a CEO rock star walkout.

NHL Lightning Hockey uses Hanson Pro Systems cryo jetscryo on scoreboard

proffesional hanson LED cryp jets used by NHL

Proffesional hanson LED cryp jets used by NHL

Trust the Name Brands that Disney, Most Concert Road Tours, Theaters, Sports teams uses, names like Sigma Services, Hanson Prosystem, Global Special Effects Cryo Co2 Jets.


This is our full service Cryogenic effects AKA "cryo" effects event page. We provide only the Worlds Best and Elite Brands of Professional Cryo Jet Systems to view the cryo systems click the links above.

We provide turn-key Special Effects Cryogenic effects installation, service and operation for Corporate Conventions, Industrials, Conference awards, Sports Games, and special events along with Labor and CO2 Jets Rentals costs. Click Sales for buying CO2 Effects - CO2 Nozzles , CO2 Jets, Cryo FX Cannons.


cryo FX co2 jets best Zigmont Magic FX Inc 813 689 6269

The smoke / fog like effects that's fast dissipating are really vapor plumes that employs Cryogenics technology that employs Carbon dioxide chemical formula using liquid CO2.
These machine systems are the ones you seen in concerts, sports teams and stage shows that burst in a plume and disappear right away while and popping up in various places around the stage.

Our special effects Cryogenic Technicians are ready to assist you in making your convention event program or your conference award night look amazing. We will make your event perfect because we can employ many professional brands of Cryogenic CO2 machine systems such as Global Special Effects, Hanson Prosystems, Sigma Services. These are the the most reliable rated jets on the market, this why it's important that Disney chooses these brands. They demand the best. Our brands are rated the most recommended brands by entertainment industry professionals.

cyro CO2 Jets NFL Tunnel Run out  nothing coolerCryo co2 effects in a NFL tunnel run out

What's cooler than a NFL Cryo FX CO2 Effect for the Players Tunnel Run out? Nothing! It gains attention even in a stadium. Fans love to take photos.

Effect Specialist® Zigmont Magic FX - Making Special Effects Magic At Your Event since 1994


Effect Specialist®

We supply Disney with Color LED Cryo Co2 Jets as seen at this Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle Stage Show Demo.


This is your Tampa, Orlando, Florida, Southeastern and all 50 States in the United States cryogenic CO2 specialist connection, since 1997. With the Latest State of Art to instantly light up clouds of CO2 with vibrant colors to create different effects and Theatrics of imitating that of 'Fire' (yellow or red light) or 'Clouds' (blue or purple light) or simply match the color scheme of your event or venue. We are a experienced full Service special effect company ready to make something" very special" happen at your event happen.

Cryo Co2 Jet systemCryo Fx co2 jetcryo  Co2 Jet LED cyro co2 jet green

Zigmont Magic FX has the latest state of art cryo jet equipment and cryogenic effect systems with built in DMX that can light up and appear to look like fire or ice. Color cryo with out washing the whole stage. Plus now with animatronics type 180 % movement for CO2 cryo jets. Working with all the best Brands of cryogenics systems not forcing just one companies Cryo FX tool box to do the job right. While we can sell you cryo effects, we are not a on line store that sells cryo jets, we are mostly hired to provide cryo effects for live events. When the Cryo FX cue is called and it has to be right they're talking to®.

With 20 years experience as a effect specialist with Special Effects Expert in CO2 Cryogenic - Cryogenics Jet CO2 Jet Systems and Nozzles Blast - FX Smoke Accelerators - Streaming flow effects. We only use CO2 Electronic Valves Jets using professional engineered designed Cryo systems, CO2 effects are Cryo jets that produce large plumes of dense, white smoke like CO2 fog that disappears almost immediately.


The Cryo freeze effect is not smoke, it's a vapor that is odorless and leaves no residue. These devices are perfect for player entrances and venues where pyrotechnics are not an option just like you see at NFL teams and Super Bowl games. Also a favorite with Corporate Conventions Productions and shows with entertainment production value for a WOW factor. We are fully insured with a million dollar + public liability policy for special effects, make sure the company your hiring are insured.

working  for the biggest names  WWE with cryo efffects

Providing Special Special Effects CO2, Cryo Effects, CO2 Jet Machine, Cryogenic Cannons Effects for WWE NXT.

C02 cryo jets over WWE ring

We have been in the Entertainment Industry executing cues for 25+ years, with 40 hours live TV, a number of TV Commercials, Films, Corporate Events and Professional Sports. No other company has that experience. We have the background, experience and Knowledge to guide you in the right direction.


WWE NXT Created by Vince McMahon is a professional wrestling television program produced by WWE that streams on Hulu Plus in the United States and Effect Specialist provides the Cryogenic effects for NXT including cryo jets, wide nozzle cryo, Cryo rails, LSG cryo plumes filmed right here in Florida.


Cryo jets for WWE Performance Center Grand Opening Ceremony in Orlando Florida.

WWE cryo Co2 Jet  effect

Working and Servicing The Biggest Names in the Entertainment Industry Like WWE.

WWE cryo at performance center

Cryo CO2 Jet system effects are quite dramatic but totally safe for all around the Effect.


WWE NXT Special Effects Provider Zigmont Magic FXCryo rail


Our Cryogenic Jets are made by Professional Special Effect Manufacturers with a long history of a reliable cryo valve that will not freeze open or close. We use three brands Sigma Services, Global FX, Hanson Prosystems effects models. We have our cryo jets at the Theme Parks and that is the industry best statement, when it can withstand use in theme parks. While cryo jets can look alike not all perform alike. We have used and tested our brands for years and they are dependable and the best professional models.

Match our performance seen in the photos to any other. Always look for performance photo's and videos and don't just believe sale pitches. Cheap Cryo jets can freeze open or freeze closed and output volume is not all the same. The long term reliability is always in question with off name brands, we have used the major brands we use for 14 years and give that experience to you when using or purchasing cryo products from us.

Spectacular smoke effects can be created with liquid CO2 to create huge evaporative clouds of white or color CO2 vapor Plumes are used in live performances, corporate entertainment venues, indoor and outdoor sporting events, nightclubs, bars, outdoor and indoor concerts, stage performances, theatre, movies, music videos. We have experience and on the road with KISS Concerts Worldwide, NFL, MBL, NBA, OrangeBowl, WCW, TNT, NHL, Disney, Seaworld, Legoland, Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Blizzard Beach Disney, Disney Cruise Lines, Universal Studios Harry Potter attraction, NASA CAR, the Top Fortune 500 Companies and leading Event Production Companies..



Cryo Jets for a Corporate Party Event.



Rehearsal of the cryo jets nozzles making a screen for the key note speakers and award presenters for Ernest Young.

cryo jets  and confetti at a theater event

Our Experience

Before the all the other Cryo FX Companies, back 15 years ago their was one who provided Cryo Effects and that still the most trusted name in Cryo effects... that the Effect Specialist. We were doing Cryo For WCW On TNT back in 1998, in fact we done 11 WCW TNT TV shows with Custom Cryo gear.

When Seaworld Texas Howl-O-Scream Halloween Stage Show (2012) were looking for a complex Cryo Jets Rental, They're Choice was EffectSpecialist™ with a huge inventory of cryo jets, hoses and fittings as well as a understanding of there needs to design a system that works best for them. They used 10 Global Special Effects Cryo Jets at the outdoor stage show.


We service all of Florida with Tampa, Orlando our home base. We do travel all over the USA with our Cryogenic CO2 Effects with Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Atlanta Georgia and the Eastern Seaboard the territory we mainly cover. We have worked around 40 states. We have traveled to 18 countries in the concert touring industry, we have produced Las Vegas style Illusion show in Reno Nevada, have performed shows in China, we have toured the USA with theatrical touring shows. We have worked for NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA-DL, Orange Bowl National Championship ABC TV, Super Bowl Events, Warner Brothers Studios, NASCAR Budweiser Shoot out FOX TV, Ten/Four Pictures - Hollywood Motion Picture, Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino. We have supported Broadway road tours and have done hundreds of industrial and trade shows job. We have worked and/or consultant for all the Major Theme Parks such as Disney, Universal Studios Harry Potter, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Paramount Kings Island, Seaworld, Silver Springs, Disney Animal Kingdom, Cedar Point Amusement Park, California's Great America, Universal City CA., Retahhuleu Guatemala Theme Park.


Cryo jets at a Black Tie awards make the energy raise and the event exciting. The term “cryo” means very cold temperature.

cryo fx co2 jets at a concert event

What is Cryo Cryogenics?

Spectacular smoke effects can be created with liquid CO2 to create huge evaporative clouds of white or color CO2 Plumes are used in live performances, corporate entertainment venues, indoor and outdoor sporting events, nightclubs, bars, outdoor and indoor concerts, stage performances, theatre, movies, music videos. We have experience and on the road with KISS Concerts Worldwide, NFL, MBL, NBA, OrangeBowl, WCW, TNT, NHL, Disney, Seaworld, Legoland, Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Blizzard Beach Disney, Disney Cruise Lines, Universal Studios Harry Potter attraction, NASA CAR, the Top Fortune 500 Companies and leading Event Production Companies..

The word cryogenics literally means "the production of icy cold"; however the term is used today as a synonym for the low-temperature state, We use Liquefied CO2 to make the vapor effect. The CO2 jet is a cryogenic effect system capable of making plumes of cryo fog up to 20 - 40 feet high or the wide nozzle a wall 10 wide foot by 15 foot in cool room with humidity levels of 60% or better. Humidity less than 30 % has less of an visible effect, but a group of 200 - 1000 will create a good amount of humidity within the room. Blast of fog with a touch of a button.

Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is a tasteless, colorless, odorless, nonflammable, liquefied gas. Carbon dioxide is an integral part of the basic life cycle in nature. It is exhaled by humans and animals, then used by plants to help them grow. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which people depend on for survival. Always Safe to use and no permits needed.

The Cryogenics effect is the result of the carbon dioxides reaction with humidity. More dramatic effects are produced with higher levels of humidity. CO2 jet and cryo gun are set in the off position and could be easily activated with a simple switch. A stream of cryo is released within seconds and this instantly reacts with the target area's humidity.

cryo fx CO2 jet system

We need CO2 supply tanks to make it work

The CO2 jet system can be used with high pressure liquid CO2 tanks or 180 liter refrigerated liquid dewar tanks to add to its versatility. Liquid Siphon tube bottle or a dewar tank using the liquid outlet. We will have them delivered By AirGas



The Cryo Jet White Plume

Cryo curtains, Cryo fog and plumes are created with the use of carbon dioxide tanks. Cryo plumes are atmospheric effects that give the impression of white dense clouds or a thick fog. This effect is created by the reaction of liquid carbon dioxide with air moisture. The result is a thick white fog that surrounds the immediate area. Cryo CO2 Jet system effects are quite dramatic but totally safe. A cryo jet blaster or cryo bazooka can appear to be dangerous but these are actually quite simple delivery systems. A CO2 jet blaster is a self-contained system that shoots out condensed “cryo” 30 Ft more feet into the air. This is used to produce instant cloud effects that commonly seen in movies or concerts

It could even decrease room temperature when released into a crowd. It can drop temperatures in as little as six seconds.





Plumes of Cryogenic CO2 is a vapor (simulate smoke) water particle without special permits. This is not smoke and will not leave a haze. Will not effect smoke alarms. One interesting fact about cryo is that it doesn't trigger smoke alarms or leave residue. The plumes dissipate immediately and can reach up to 40 feet. Effect lighting changes the CO2 from fog white to any color.

Works Best

You need high humidity areas of 60% or better, humidity less than 40 % has less of a visible effect. A group of a few hundred will create a good amount of humidity within the room. With weather outside with a high humidity and a temp of 72+ will get outstanding results. The nozzle sprays the liquid C02 into the air causing the surrounding humidity to condensation into fog. The nozzle sprays the liquid up into the air causing the surrounding humidity to condense into cold fog. This is not smoke and will not leave a haze. Will not effect smoke alarms. The Co2 Plume works well in places like the eastern seaboard and states like Florida. Drier hotter states like Arizona and Las Vegas the cryo effect will be less of an effect. In my experience the mile high City Denver drastically affects the cryo jet plume to a very small effect, to to the attitude.

So in Denver Colorado the special effects CO2 Jet is not recommended.

Which Model and Manufacturer is Best for you.

If you want the Biggest plume that releases the most Co2 and the loudest that's Global Special Effects model, which I named The Blaster. This is best for reveals and when you need to hide a person, large object a such as a roll out or bring in a CEO on stage. These can be hooked up to DMX relay, push bottom is best to run.

If you want the most versatile to hang, hide or mount sigma Services model, less co2 that Global but more than Hanson.

If you want DMX with out the trouble of Relay or in your doing an awards dinner, DJ doing a wedding, or just need something low noise and colorful with LED Lights Hanson ProSystems is your best bet. Hanson redesigned the cryo jet and it look and feels different. Its like the Perfect 5 second shot.


Why I don't sell or use back packs

 I don't sell or use back packs because the tank is invented  with out the safety cap and if it hits the floor and the valve broke off the tank can go thru 2 1/2 cinder blocks that 2 wall confirmed when a tank has it's valve sheered off and becomes a rocket. It No industry  would allow this in a factory, as its a safety hazard to move or travel with the safety cap off upside down. So  if the valve broke off, the CO2 gas would fly out of the opening, not causing an explosion, but a jet like expulsion of gas resulting in one particularly dangerous situation within a crowd.


MythBusters crew prove that an air cylinder will shoot though a concrete wall when the regulator stem is broken off

One can use all there brands in a show depending what is needed. One brand nozzle may not work for every situation

Cool Down

CO2 Jets are a blast for clubs and parties. Make it look cool and cold on any dance floor from 90 degrees to 30 degrees in 6 seconds with our special effects CO2 Cryo-Jet. Instantly create special effect plumes of cryo going up to 30 feet high. Can be hung from a truss or mounted from a wall or the floor. With the push of a button on the CO2 Blaster Master Control (sold separately), create instant CO2 fog, release the control and the fog is gone in seconds. No need to worry about any alarms, as CO2 and leaves the room clean.

Green co2 cryo jets in concert


The length of the Co2 hose does not matter; if a hose is 15 ft or 100 ft the pressure from the tank is always the same. (Example: If you have a Co2 Jet using a 25 ft hose and another Co2 Jet using a 50 ft hose the pressure to the Co2 Jet from the tanks will be the same. (Note: The longer the Co2 hose affects the length of time the hose takes to prime. Once all the hose are primed, the pressure is then built between the tank and the unit, allowing all units to perform at the same time. Of course, the longer the Co2 hose the quicker the tank will empty as it takes more Co2 liquid to prime the line.

How do I know how much Co2 liquid is in a tank?

Currently there is no easy way to gauge or monitor the amount of liquid in a Co2 tank. Although, by using a scale and some math, you can determine the amount of true liquid per tank when you receive it.

For example: On a 50 lbs Co2 Siphon Tank order

Co2 Tank Weight: 135 lbs estimated

Co2 Liquid Weight: 50 lbs

Total Weight: 185 lbs

Rule One cryo jet to one tank

One Tank to one cryo jet, more jey in line will just decrease the co2 output, just like if you had two Garden hose nozzles connect to one hose. Compared to just one result less pressure. 

Running two jets  via a 2-1 connection will create a vacuum in the hose and delay the cryo output. As the first jet blasts it will suck the gas from the second jet causing a delay.

If you order a 50lbs Co2 tank and it weighs less, you should contact your supplier immediately  to advise them that you did not receive the correct amount of Co2 Liquid.


A Volcano for a live event at Ruth Eckard Performing Art Center, with Propane Flames, Cryo Jets and LSG cryogenic Cryo smoke flowing and pluming from the inside of the volcano.

cryo fx co2 jet Blue color cryo

cryofx co2  jets  at a corporate event

Special Cryogenics Effects CO2 jets for Corporate stage productions live event. Can be lit any color

cO2 cryo effect jets





Before the all the other Cryo FX Companies, back 15 years ago their was one who provided Cryo Effects and that still the most trusted name in Cryo effects... that the Effect Specialist.

Call Us @ 813 689 6269


Nobody does cryo - cryogenic like the effect specialist with so many options, with 4 different methods to give 4 different looks of cryo effects. We been doing cryo effects since 1997, long before most other companies.

With over 20 years plus experience we have design and provided cryo effects in every way possible. Cryo Jet effects were first designed and developed for Disney Pleasure Island club scene and all clubs had them.

We have performed cryo effects in major Hotel Resorts all over Florida and the all over the country. We have bars and clubs over over the world with cryo systems.



cryo co2 jet cannons



So you looked up Cryo jets on the web.

If you search the internet you will find a good number of CO2 cryo jet system and companies, I must say that their now consumer models, professional grade models to home made which you can see on Amazon and E bay. While their are many very good models on the market today offer by many companies. Many models are from China, In fact you can find Chinese models that are a cheap imitation before you see the real deal professional models as the Chinese have a real good e-mail and search engine marketing campaign.


Some are cryo jets are reverse engineered from a model that is  a professional made jet that produced in china, they  reproduce the look with sub par parts others.  they bought and opened up and try to copy. They have all the similar parts but no design behind it. No design unknown dependability.


So these copy-cats models are all going to release the CO2 Cryo into the air. These models have short comings such as on some China models with DMX shoot only for 3 seconds at a time, other release a lot less cryo, and other have issues freezing then not shutting off all the way and leaking gas.


 So you better compare models and comparison test and not just go with the cheapest. It's a lot like getting a Halloween consumer smoke machine at K-mart and comparing it to a professional model and make it perform at professional concert. There is American DJ Lighting and then there High-end Pro Lighting.


The dependability on models take years to know how reliable. Our models are working over 10 years. What we do are live special effect shows for Corporations and Pro Sport teams and the gear must work as planned every-time.


So we only recommend the brands we use, field test and then proven themselves over time. I can assure you the cryo jets that we use are professional model that were design by engineers and test and are labeled and hold CE ( UL ) electric devices approved stamps are industry work horse. I have been in the cryo jet business 20 years and see them all come and go. We supply Disney Them Parks with cryo Jets so if you want the best Professional model call us. 813 689 6269


I don't Build them as I am an end user as a professional Special effects artist.



National Hockey League Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club, Opening Game Into 2009 St. Pete Times Forum With our New Cryo Jets which is a 40 ft. plume, look now neat our electric and cryo supply lines are placed. Set up took 4 minutes and tear down less than set up.


Cryo CO2 jets at NHL sports teams


lightning season opening with cryo co2 jets  by effectspecialist.comco2 jet cryogenic nozzles

lightning player introduced with cryo co2  jets Magic FXcryogenic co2 jets

live cryo effects Cryo co2 jets on ice surface


Cryo co2 jet effect

special effects co2 jets cryo  effects

We provided the National Hockey League Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club a cryo jet introduction for the season opening game Into 2009 - 2010 seasons at the St. Pete Times Forum. We used our New Cryo Jets. We used 7 cryo jets of different types to perform the introductions and team entrance each period and when the Lightning scored.

Thank you Steve. I couldn't watch it from the control room, with my nose glued to the monitors. It looked good on the TV's! John Franzone said it looked great in the bowl. Hopefully we can do it again.
Jim Ciotoli, Director, Broadcast and Lightning Vision Operations

Cryo co2 jets effects

Video of Cryo Jets and Propane Flames Outdoors 

CO2 Cryo Jets are becoming very popular in business theater, MTV TV specials and stage shows for intro of headliners. The CO2 streaming jet, which I use often to reveal CEO's and gain attention for an entrance or reveal product. We can provide two jet heads that will make a 6 foot wide by 35 foot long stream, one from each side of the stage. This is a visual effect as well as a loud sound. As soon as the CO2 (Looks like smoke) is switched off, it's gone. No smoke in the room, No need to worry about any alarms, its CO2 its leave the room clean.

co2 jets on a lighting rig at disney

Working a private party at Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park Buy Out.

cryo FX co2 jets systems

Cryo Jet System at Cedar Point them park.

cyro fx co2 effect at theme parks

Our Cryo Jet System at Cedar Point Theme Park All Wheels Cryo CO 2 Jet effect for the BMX Stunt Show, outdoors in the heat.

cryo effect


cryo co2 jets Cedar Point All Wheels Cry o Jet effect


Wide Nozzle CO2 Jets - Cryo Effects

wide nozzle c02 jetwide nozzle c02 head

Cryo Effect Wide Nozzles


vip cryo co2 jet revealco2 wide nozzle cryo eveal

Appear your CEO in a cloud of smoke in a countdown blast of C02 10-9-8-7-6.............Blast

Our Special effects team can provide CO2 Blast (Manual nozzle) jet heads that will make a 6 foot wide by 15 foot long stream, one from each side of the stage. C02 streaming jet which will reveal a CEO, VIP, keynote speaker or products to gain attention for an entrance.

Two wide nozzles covers a 40 foot stage for a corporate VP Reveal, CO2 Cryo Valves Jets can mask the entrance for the appearance of a performer or reveal a product.



wide co2 nozzleco2 wide nozzleWide co2 nozzle

Wide manual nozzle CO2 fog wall sends sheets of fog 30 feet in the air! Each modular unit can be combined to create a wall that when used with LED lights can look like a wall of fire. Can be combined with a electronic jet. A wash and a fast-flicker effect in yellow and red helps the illusion.


co2 hand held gunsco2 jet hand held

We are at Universal Studios Hard Rock Live for The Rap Artist Belly

cryo gun

You're looking at our co2 jet hand held guns for Coors Light Super bowl Party with Nelly at the Hard Rock Live.

The Tanks

Dewar Tanks 101

cryo dewar wrap

A dewar wrap to decor the large C02 supply tanks, Low pressure refrigerated CO2 Dewar 190 liter or 350 pounds with 320 Cryo (non medical dewar) flat screw surface 320 CGA thread to nut. Built to a 320 +PSI Pressure.

cryo tank gauge

The tanks for co2 special effects

co2 high pressure siphon tube bottle

liquid siphon tube co2 tank 50 pounds

The tanks we use to get the special effect. We need the Liquid Siphon tube bottle or a dewar tank using the liquid outlet. Make Sure The Gas Company Supplied You With A Syphon (Siphon) Tube CO2 Tank or you will get the visible effect.

A Syphon (Siphon) Tube CO2 Tank for co2 cryo jets

The CO2 jet system can be used with high pressure liquid CO2 tanks or refrigerated liquid dewar tanks as seen in the chart. We use the liquid in the tanks and spray the liquid causing the surrounding humidity to condense into cold fog.

Low Lying Ground covering fog and fog curtains

low lying cryo

A demo of our low-lying ground crawling Fog

A demo of a 20 x 20 Fog curtain

cryo jets at a theme park

CO2 Jets Setup for Tito El Bambino at Busch Gardens Theme Park

cryo co2 jets

concert stage with cryo co2 jets blasts


Coors Bullet Train Has co2 effects

You seen the TV commercials on NHL and NFL games, now watch for the "Coors Silver Bullet Train" (tractor trailer) interactive tour at live sports venues that is equipped our Cryo Jets gear.

We supplied the Silver Bullet Train the Cryo Effect when it used to promote Coors in 2006 at Football games, when the mobile marketing vehicle for Coors Light traveled to 15 markets during the next six months tour that started in Los Angeles. Coors will also activate its sponsorship of the 2006 NFL season with the "Coors Light Silver Ticket" promotion kicking off on Labor Day weekend with the Coor Silver Bullet Train spray icy cold Cryo from the engines sides as it stopped.

The Coors Light Bar Tour Used Custom Cryo Jets

Coors light Dallas cryo fx co2 jets

Coors Light Bar Tour using our manual cryo heads which allows 1/3 more cryo to flow than solenoids valves.

Coorslight Bar Tour cyro c02 jets in dallas


We supplied a Custom CO2 Curtain system that was seen at Phil ips World Tour Show, Consumer Electronics Show 2006 Las Vegas (above button).

We can make it look cool and cold on any stage in many different ways, take your dance floor from 90 degrees to 30 degrees in 6 seconds with our special effects CO2 Cryo jets effects.

We are capable of making special effect plumes of cryo up to 40 feet long or wall of CO2 jets covering a stage for a reveal. We can make a cryo waterfall effect from a overhead truss that travels down to the floor which can transform any space with a Fog Curtain that can be walked through.

We specialize is low level ground hugging crawling and continuous CO2 fog/smoke that will not need the smoke alarms turn off. This system will not produce any smoke in the air and will vanish within 30 seconds.


cryo c02 jet plume at RFC sports event

Cryo CO2 Jet Plume and Low Lying Smoke at RFC Sports Event


Low lying smoke at an RFC sports event

Look at our Fire like Cryo effect on the stage

firefly propane flame and cryo jetc ombo

NASCAR 27th Annual 2005 Next el Cup Budweiser Shoot out - On FOX TV

NASCAR C02 reveal NASCAR C02 reveal

Zigmont Magic F/X Revealed the NASCAR driver's in a wall of FX CO2.

NFL cryo co2  runout for a corporate group buyout of Raymond James Statdium

Corporate Employees have a NFL Style Run Out with CO2 Cryo Effects


For Lower humidity areas we recommend a combo of smoke machine and CO2 system.
The LSG system produces an incredible low-lying fog effect. The system utilizes a smoke machine and a special cryogenic unit, the LSG. We place a fan angle nozzle on the unit to allow the 10x10 ft wall. This is CO2 and smoked base, so the hotel will need to know that alarms will have to be disarmed. The NASCAR photos is a combo of both systems.

CO2 jets for sports intro NBA

Magic F/X is providing Special Effects Propane Flames cannons for all the 2004-05 home games of the Florida Flames. The NBA - NBDL league basketball team, at the Germain Arena Fort Meyers Florida. See the Cryo in the background for the team intro.

CO2 jets for NBA game

This is a special effect that gains immediate attention. We can make any size car, truck or heavy equipment appear in CO2 JETS. This is a visual effect as well as a loud sound. As soon as the CO2 (Looks like smoke) is switched off it’s gone, No smoke left in the room.

custom CO2 system 1998


We first introduced Cryogenics Jets Effects to sports with WCW Wrestling on TNT Cable in 1998 with and created a record breaking rating and 11 week of Cryo in the story line.

Doing Big Events in 1998 - Special Effect Smoke Accelerators in action revealing wrestlers, We were providing CO2 jets back in 1998.

We created Effects for WCW Wrestling Monday Night Nitro for TNT Cable Network


WCW custom CO2 system 1998

Cryogenics and CO2 effects are great effects that can be used in any number of ways:

What's a great combo? Using our snow effects with our Co2 effects for winter scenes.

Cyro Effects with c02 jet nozzles

American's top rated and most Trusted Cryo Jet, As seen @ The Rockhouse Bar & Nightclub Las Vegas

The C02 custom cryo valves nozzles to create fun or effects like a reveal, after blasting the jet and in less than two feet from the nozzle the stream of Cryo becomes 6 foot wide travels 15 - 20 - 40 feet long. This is a great accent for corporate theatre that is a big wow factor.

CO2 jet nozzle at a club

Here a FX cryo system in a club that we installed over a dance floor. Special effects Cryo valves over a club dance floor, lowers the temperature 40 degrees.

Karaoke Rock Band Kiss Effects which is Ideal for concert productions.

Our Cryo CO2 Jets

Hanson Prosystems Cryo C02 Jets

Hanson Static Cryo FX 2 jetsco2 cryo fx  jet LED Hanson Swing 180 cryo jet animatronic type movements for CO2

Hanson Prosystems offers a Static DMX cryo jet, a LED DMX cryo co2 jets and a swing 180 degree movement cryo jet

Color  c02 effects color c02 effects

Hanson Prosystems offers a Static DMX cryo jet, a LED DMX cryo co2 jets and a swing 180 degree movement cryo jet

We Carry and use Sigma Services the inventor of the cryo jet, Global Special Effects which improved the cryo jets, UE which modernized cryo jets and Hanson Pro System which has 2014 State of the art cryo systems.


Hanson ProSystems Cryo Effects LED Cryo FX

Red LED Cryo FX hanson pro co2 jets at Disney Demo Test

Hanson ProSystems The World Leader in CO2 Cryo Fog Production, Jet is designed to have a high light and CO2 output

Zigmont Magic FX has the Latest cryogenic effect systems with built in DMX that can light up and appear to look like fire or ice. Color cryo with out washing the whole stage. Plus now with animatronics type movements for CO2 cryo jets. Working with all the best Brands of cryogenics systems not forcing just one companies Cryo FX tool box to do the job right.

Hanson Prosystems Cryo CO2 Jets with LED lightsco2 jet cryo effect

The newest Member of our Cryo gear Hanson pro System Designed and engineered in the USA. The Original Design not the china versions. We are Hanson Authorized Dealer. Cryo FX LED and 180 Swing if it not Hanson Prosystems its not the original design. Don't settle on a look -a- like product.

Cryo co2 jet LED hanson cryo FX co2 jets LED

Light it up while keeping things cool with the Hanson ProSystems LED Co2 unit! One of the coolest products on the market and we are proud to say it was designed and engineered by us to create a truly dynamic show. With The colors LED Colors R/G/B/Y/P/C/O/W with the Plume height 27- 32 foot. Also with DMX 512, Specially designed HPS noise reduction nozzle, Adjustable spray nozzle manually adjust the angle of CO2 effect. there are many possibilities, for example you can make a typical CO2 jet effect look like fire by just adding the red LED. The CO2 jet spray nozzle can be adjusted as needed to control the spray position. This CO2 Jet is quiet and suitable to install on any truss or on the edges of any stage.

hanson cryo co2 led red jet at Disney test demo

How long will the Co2 tanks last?

This can vary because of different factors. The length of the hose, the length of your blast and the tank's size. (Example 1: With a standard 15 ft hose, 3 second blast and a 75 pound Co2 Siphon tank you can expect an estimated 3 minutes of effect and sixty 3 second shots.) (Example 2: With a standard 15 ft hose, 3 second blast and a 50 pound Co2 Siphon tank you can expect an estimated 2 minutes of effect and forty 3 second shots.)



The have self standing Static cryo jet model, LED cryo jet model and the CO2JET DMX 180 Degree Swing animatronics type movements for CO2 and with two channel DMX control this jet takes it to a whole new level of Co2 effects.

Hanson Swing 180 cryo jet animatronic type movements for CO2 cryo fx  swing 180 c02 jet hanson pro

Cryo Swing 180 degree swing co2 jet


cryo FX CO2 jetCryo CO2 Jets


Hanson ProSystems, like many other companies with well-known brand names and innovative products, has been targeted by obscure and unscrupulous foreign manufacturers that are attempting to produce illegal aftermarket versions of our products. With apparent similar visual and functional characteristics at bargain pricing but not of the same quality and performance of our genuine Hanson ProSystems products.

Before you consider these counterfeit products, we ask you to first evaluate the following benefits of buying a genuine Hanson ProSystems product:

Original Design - Based on years of professional experience, we have feedback from customers and colleagues, along with research and on the field trials of various profession applications.

Premium Components - We attain the best consistent functionality, best light quality output, usability and special effect.

Authorized Dealer Network - We have a network of authorized dealers across the continental USA and international locations. These dealers are committed to our brand and may help you sample the products so you can make a better buying decision.

Counterfeit products could be hard to differentiate from our genuine versions at first glance, however, it is easy to identify a Hanson Prosystems product by the HPS logo, legal FCC certifications, warranty, serial number and QC stickers and of course, the quality of our products.

Cryo FX  co2 jet HPS-CO2-JET

HPS-CO2-JET Static DMX jet




Now with animatronics type movements for CO2 cryo jets

Global Special Effects

cryo jet nozzle

The Blaster Cryo Nozzle, largest output Ever!

The blaster Goal Post Cryo Jet

Testing Game Day Ice level Cryo jet effects for Intro


This is the biggest output in its class of cryo jet product that's on the market. These are not electromagnet valve but high tech solenoids. Our Newest 2010 model which produces more CO2 than any other model EVER! This is not the older silver box valve of the past. This is the newest electric solenoid packaged in the protective metal container. These plumes travel up to 40 feet. The biggest output in the industry with full hose size valve opening. We do not have a smaller size down orifice that the cryo flow through, it's a 5/16ths and 3/8 opening and a number 6 (1/4 inch) nozzle opening.

special effects co2 jetglobalFX cryo co2 jet

Global FX Signal and Double Nozzle Configuration on a Global Special effects Cryo Valve

cryo co2 jet installedwide nozzle cryo jet

Some different configurations of cryo effects and the controllers.

cyro co2 jetsco2 controller for the cryo jets

Our older Sleek Valve and Nozzle below , its the 7th phase in design that design


Sigma Services

C02 jets sigmasigma professinal grade cryo co2 FX jets at Disney

Sigma CryoJets At Disney Frozen

A demo of our CO2 Effects

co2 cryo jets

Sigma's own cryo valve #CHP-V C02 Cryo Jets

MANUAL Co2 cryo NOZZLEc02 hose

Our Manual Cryo Nozzle, allows 1/3 more cryo to flow than solenoids valves . As seen on the Coors Light Beer Tour. C02 Hose 10ft - 20ft extension 3/8 hose with fitting.


cga 320 sstem and nut

cryo hose

co2 CGA flared Medical to 1/2 nutcgs 320 dual fittingco2 jets cga 320 dual bottle to one

CGA -622Fx320M-A / one to two supply/ twotanks to on jets supply

c02  cyro jet 4-1

CO2 CGA Accessories



Cryo Bazooka Handheld Gun

Cryo Bazooka

The Cryo Bazooka is now available, See FX Rentals or call for pricing on CO2 Products

Co2 Bazooka across the Dance-floor,


With this exciting new item of equipment, You will blast ice cold jets of CO2 Bazooka across the Dance-floor, Not only highly visual, but has the effect of cooling down the dance floor by up to 20 degrees. Extremely portable, You are able to move about the stage ensuring maximum coverage of the dance-floor or stage

handheld  cryo Bazooka

This item handheld co2 jet/cannon can be hold in your hand, it is made of stainless steel, beautiful and graceful, easy to use. You can move free and shoot co2 smoke in all directions, more than range 6-8 meters away, and making waves in the crowd, perfect for live shows and clubs. This product will further enhance the high atmosphere of your parties or performance!

Voltage: 110-120V
One CO2 cylinder with liquid decant is required per one CO2 Jet
One Liquid CO2 high pressure hose is required per one CO2 Jet
The maximum distance between the CO2 jet and the CO2 cylinder is approximate. 46 feet with high pressure hose
Liquid CO2 high pressure hose - 190 bar - 20 feet
Power cord : 33 feet
Size : 34" long
Weight : 33 pounds

The CO2 Cannon -Bazooka set consists of :
1 CO2 Cannon -Bazooka
Power cord
High pressure hose

We do offer C02 walls and plumes of various sizes to create a visual background or accents points at your convention. We do custom applications built into your stage and set. The effect produces a forceful stream-like safe substance that is cool to the touch, and can shoot up vertically or drift down from a truss

Cryo CO2 Jet System Hanson Pro systems Co2 jets, Global Special Effects cryo Blaster, Sigma Services Cryo nozzles, Universal Effects co2 jets Manufactured by: Zigmont Magic FX Inc Model: Cryo CO2 Jet From 1100.00 New


Co2 50 pound Siphon Tube Tank

CO2 50 pound Siphon Tube Tank

co2 jet effect


Smoke Accelerators

We can fill a stage with smoke and accelerate it into the audience.

Smoke Accelerator


Smoke accelerators shooting CO2 in Ybor City Tampa Club

Smoke accelerators  co2



Video Demo Smoke Accelerators Used to Move Smoke - Confetti - Snow

Smoke accelerators can distribution smoke or fog from a stage to the audience and the smoke drops and dissipates. Great for reveals. We can take accumulated smoke and move it fast from the stage to the audience or to make a reveal with venturi accelerators which is pushed by co2.

Call Magic F/X 813.689.6269 for special effects


We are please to offer in 2011 -12 fantastic new line of innovative produces that you will not find anywhere else in America

DMX Controlled Cryo Jets



We have new Cryo effects called the power Stage CO2 DMX with LED lights DMX, the CO2 Arc LED, Power Mini Stage DMX, and Blaster Six the round 6 jet unit which are all designed to have effects made into sets, around scenery, or install in the deck.  You can also just place on the stage of hang. You can make shapes with LED color DMX can used with C02.


cryo jet

The cryo jets are DMX and can have LED lights to change the cryo’s color with a light wash coming from the cryo jet.  You can daisy chain units and  3 units connected is 6 feet long.
You can place on truss set piece and design a total look with the LED's and bang cryo shoots out. These units  use  1- 4 tank , and some can shoot 3 jets from one bottle of delivering a wonderful effect using less CO2 as the effect from a 50 pound bottle last 2 minutes.

EffectSpecialist Cryo

Maintaining Your Cryogenic Hose, Proactive vs. reactive the goal is to replace before it fail.
Any time you find a leak, kink, severe bends or bad threads replace the hose.
Contrary to popular belief, hoses don't last forever! Every high pressure hose has a life expectancy. This is based on the amount of service the cryo hose provided and manner in which it was used. Rule of thumb is a hose seeing 18 CO2 cylinder changes per day, five days per week, will operate safety for approximately 18 months. At this rate the hose been connected and disconnected 12,960 times.

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