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Snow Effects for TV - Film Productions - Studio - Live Events

We can load a box truck or trailer with Special Effects ground cover snow and snow falling in the air with all the standard tools for a movie production, film shoots, TV Commercials or special event stage show. We have a few specialty items specifically for productions including 16 different style and type of snow machines. We also offer, Snofoam Flocking , Snowcel Spraying, Snow Fiber Flocking, Snow Blankets, Display Snow. Snow Pellets, Icicles, Snowballs, Frost Looks, Faux Snow, Misting, Cyro FX Cold Flow, Low Crawling Ground Fog, Fog Machines and the experience to conceptualizing and designing the Visual Special Effect your storyboard requires.

We will stock a Box truck or trailer according to your specific needs and rent by the day or by the week with Special effects technicians or use your labor force with a Effects Supervisor.. This is extremely successful for movie production. We travel Smart with experienced professional Results. Plus you hire a Special Effects Designer, A Snow Best Boy, A Snow Property Master, Special Effects Supervisor and Visual Snow Effects Art Director which is the Effect Specialist Zigmont.

The Snow Specialist Offers Realistic and Creative Snow Effects with Full Service Production

Just a heads up — the movie Lucky, which Steve Zigmont has the credit for the Special Effects and the Snow master on the film, will be playing on Showtime. If you get Showtime, please check your local listings, and be sure to check it out as it's playing every other day. Zigmont Magic FX was hired to provide Snow Effects and was the snow master on the film and he worked as well as produced all the snow scenes and special effects for this movie, which includes some spectacular snow scenes! The movie is about "a wannabe serial killer [winning] the lottery and [pursuing] his lifelong crush." (IMDB)

movie  lucky snow effects

"Ben's obsession with Lucy leads him down a dark path, as he begins murdering women who remind him of her. But when he wins the lottery — courtesy of a ticket that belonged to one of his victims — the pair are united in marriage. Despite the odds (and due to Lucy's love of money), the couple begins working together to protect Ben's secret." –IMDB.com


The Snow Specialist Offers Products and/or Full Service Production for Fake Decorative Snow, Snow Scene Dressing and Creating the Illusion of Winter

Hollywood Movie Film Project - Lucky

The Dark Romantic Comedy “Lucky” used 50 movie professionals, who have come together from across the nation to shoot the movie in Council Bluffs. The movie, “Lucky,” in a nutshell, can be described as a dark comedy about a wannabe serial killer (Colin Hanks) who wins the lottery and pursues his lifelong crush (Ari Graynor)

Budget 4.3 million

Filmed 6 scenes on location in Council Iowa and Omaha Nebraska Sept. 14-19th 2009

We provided all the snow ground cover effects using many technique to convert yards and streets into a wintery scene. We worked 6 days and 103 hours

Seen here is director Gil Cates talking to Lead (Lucy) Ari Graynor with Darren Genet looking on.

Please call any of the staff below for a reference, all snow effects looked great/awesome on daily's by director, producer and cinematographer.

Special Effects By (Movie Credit ) Snow Master Steve Zigmont


flocking ground cover snow on movie set

Last minute snow texture applied with the SnoFoam Flocking to the snow blankets to bend the snow blankets together for filming.

Parking lot snow covered, with reflection in a snow puddle, we made puddle to capture the reflection. Zigmont Notes; dirty melted snow like the 7 - 11 scene.

parking cover with fake snowmovie filming with fake snow

Scene on set of the movie at a Quickly-Mart location - Need snow and shot of a puddle (w/ reflection of store in it?) its was some icy/slushy/snowy effect.

close up of fuax snow puddle

Zigmont notes;
Front of 7-11 wall snow piles against the wall (of windows) on side walk
(like if shoveled and piled) 4-6 inches
Needs the look to be slushy snow
Snow on window ledge edge

house lawn covered wiith fakle snowflocking trees with fake snow

Snow blankets covers a front of a house, lawn and trees and roof flocked with temperature in the 80's.

street is converted into a winter scenefake snow on streets for a film

Street Scene location with 6 homes covered in snow as well as snow on roof,sidewalks street curb. Locals residents said the snow looked real.

fake snow on a roof toplawns covered in fake snow

Snow blankets for the reverse shot from across the street. Faux snow used on wood ties. Note the tree was pick free of leaves.

Houses next to each other shot with fake snow covering for a reverse shot.

Zigmont Notes;Lucy walks on sidewalk: Use Snow Blankets
& Faux Snow on Roof.

flocking sprayed for movie setfake snow on a city block for a movie

Zigmont Notes Full street block of snow, side to side with 4-5 inches of fake snow
sidewalks, street some houses, cars, front of yards with snow pile 4-6 inches and reverse across the
street with foam snow.

faux snow covers  the ground with snow blanketsfake foam snow on car

Snofoam on car and fake snow blankets and faux snow used in front of a home. (used as Bens house)

car scene with fake snowfilming snow dressing scene  in Iowa

Car crashes into a blank of snow, we are using 5 different snow products to make this happen

car  crashes into snow bank with fake snow blanketsfilming fake snow scene

Snow Blanket should be under & around car tire – maybe raise car up w/ Dacron snow blankets, faux snow, snoFoam and paper snow around it.

movie crew at work  on a fake snow scenefake snow filmed

Hollywood Film crew at work with the action of "Car hits a snow bank with tire visible tire tracks".

snow scene for movieflocked  tree

House with faux snow on rail, steps and sidewalk with tress flocked.

Snow Flocking Texture Sprayed Over Snow Blankets

fakesnow of roof top

Fake snow blankets covers roof top.

snow blankets cover roof top

Snow and ice on roof top. Zigmont Notes; 50 x 50 roof top of fake snow
We provided Snowballs to throw in the scene.

snow blankets covers a roof top

Snow needs to be built up around Satellite dish and AC units.

Faux snow and icicles covers the roof top set.

Icicles Treatmentfaux Icicles Treatment

Video of Icicles Treatment - Snow on Roof Scene

fake snow on a street for a motion picture

Night time snow on street, Night shot-front of windows. There will be a car parked and actors walks on sidewalk.

fake snow mountain  at a movie set

A mountain of fake snow and a close up of a street scene with faux snow.

The snow on the ground is faux snow which is a fake snow or artificial snow snow products. All artificially produced snow has its place and own particular advantage to offer, no one type of snow is capable of doing everything required on a snow decor set.

snow crew workingpty>

Day time snow at a house, action will be filmed inside the house doorway facing toward street. Will be a Reverse Shot- in the door way. (Used as Lucy's House)

snofoam snow over car

faux snowmixer

Mixing Faux Snow as seen in the parking lot scene.

*Faux (pronounced /'fo?/, like "foe") is a French word for false or fake. It is often used in English phrases such as faux pearls, and faux fur. When manufacturing faux objects or materials, an attempt is often made to create products which will resemble the imitated items as closely as possible.

faux snow wash down crew

Washing down the snow, We need to clean up our snow at the end of each shoot.

Our Rig that carried 5 days of snow material, we have a mix of tools that we use on any snow scene dressing. Generally on any set a combination of six or seven different products are used to create the right look and action effects for camera or point of view to make a wintery day or to converts a warm summer day into a winter snow day.

The trailer rig used to carry all our supply's, we had a base camp at each location.

movie crew on location

hollywood production closes down streetlights set oo location

We can transform any area indoors and outside to look as if it has frost or snow, along with bulk snow on the ground. There many different products that we use to get its to look like snow on the ground. We spray and cover objects with various coarseness of our non-chemical cellulose product or foam flocking.

snow blankets on a movie location

Ari Graynor standing around our artificial snow

Our services and products can provide that Hollywood Movie Magic to your Live Event, Stage Show, video or Film Shoot. Our Artificial or Fake Snow is widely used by film and Hollywood Movie industries. Most products we supply are used on Hollywood Movie Sets.


In the news

'Lucky' film being shot in 30 area locations

Council Bluffs site of film shoot starring Hanks, Graynor and host of big names

Council Bluffs gets Lucky

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