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Your Trusted Source for Real Evaporative Snow® with Professional Results

Real Evaporative Snow® is a combo of Snowmaster Machines and Fluid.Period!

snow machine at seaworld

Show machine we provided for Seaworld

Frozen Summer Fun With snowmasters Snow Storm machines


Choose from from links above which of the Snow Machine categories suits your needs; Professional Results Series, Film and Studio Series Snow Machines, Commercial High Output Snow Machines and Consumer Snow machines. We also have Snow Machine Accessories section.

A snow machine job we did last year for a hospital with terminate ill children. We did we 8 roof tops simultaneously. I am proud to been able to touch so many lives.
Some 31 snow machines were hidden around the campuses in Egleston, Scottish Rite and Hughes Spalding, mostly on roofs so the snow would fall from above
Only a handful a staff knew, with doctors and nurses just as surprised as the children.
The press said A special effects company that works with Theme Parks created the flurries to fall outside each building. That was us.

Children and their parents were delighted by the snow. Even young patients who couldn't leave their rooms were able to watch the magic.

America's Foremost Expert on Evaporative Snow® Machine and Snow Machine Effects, Hollywood-quality Atmospheric Effects Fake Snow Effects.


America's best resource for snow machine effects seen at Theme Parks, Movies, TV commercials, Malls and the Entertainment Industry. We provide fake and artificial snow machines for sale, full services Snow Machine rentals.

Snow machines at Ybor Tampa Florida

For snow machine rental prices see PDF link Below, Price Sheet Learn about snow machine logistics with snow machines 101 link below. Catch up with what new and what we are doing with our Blog and Easy to View videos throughout the site or on You Tube Channel below.

zigmont e mail snow machines rental price sheet Snow machine rental 101 effect specialist blog effect specialist yourtube effect specialist facebook

Special Effects Designer, making special effects magic at your next event. Snow machines effects and snow machine rentals with a largest inventory of fake snow machines than ever before. The best professional snow FX services in Florida and nationwide.

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Zigmont Magic FX - Effect Specialist®

T 1500 evaporating snow machines Max model

T 1100 evaporative snow machiness

Disney uses our snow machine services



Professional Artificial Snow Machine Rentals or Full Service Hire Nationwide!


mercedes benz show T 1500 snow machine

We started snow machine services in 1995 and that's well before just about any other company. We produced snow effects and snows for theme parks, corporate events, commercial shoots, films and movies, Hollywood premieres, music videos, concerts and shows at malls for 20 years.

  We can make it snow in Florida, the southeast or nationwide with the best snow machine rentals.  We offer quality show production with  evaporative snow machines that produce a dry fake snow effects.  Our snow machine rentals include dissolving snow that evaporates without residue or slippery components. The snow is instant on and goes away in 30=90 seconds no worries of snow removal. It's gone in the air with the professional series snow machines by snowmasters.

Tales of the Cocktail® snow  with food and drinks Call 813.689.6269


Our work is completed at Mickey Jr. New Show with Our Snow installed in the Florida Theme Park at Hollywood Studios. Our Fake / Faux snow machines and services as special effects designer and full service FX Tech are employed by theme parks. We mock, tested snow effects, demo to the show Producer and installed all the snow effects.

Our niche is working snow machine effects and creating the best results.

We have all the snow machines brands, all the generations of snow machines from all over the world. We offer every option of snow falling equipment with well Over A Dozen Different Professional Artificial Snow Machine rental options to select from. You will find the right snow machine option that right for your environment.

We are always asked if you can provide snow effects with drinks and food, Effect Specialist has the experience to provide a room filled with snow like we did for Tales of the Cocktail® New Orleans (photo above) the Largest international event for cocktail professionals and enthusiasts. This was alcohol tasting of the best products and food being served all night.


Let our Special Effects Designer help you make your event a unforgettable snow display, we have all brand of Professional Snow Machines. We are not a manufacturer of FX machines, we are a service base business able to spend 100% of our time focused on your event. Just like we do for Theme Parks.

snow falling at Fox Theater for CBS movie permier

Fox Theater Atlanta GA for CBS Premiere of Elf On A Shelf Story Premier

An Elf's Story World Premiere: The Fox Theatre

Professional Series - Commercial Series - Studio Series - Consumer Series of Snow Machines

The patented fluid technology we provide sets us aside from anyone else who says, "I can make it snow" and it disappears. We work close with the manufacturer Global Special Effects Snowmasters who spent over ten years perfecting the exact science and chemical formulation for mastering Evaporative Snow™ technology. This is supplied to and can be seen in many major films, TV Commercial and Theme Parks we work with around the world.

Ybor City snow machine event

Snow Event at Ybor City Tampa 2011

snow machines rental in ybor city tampa florida

15 T-1000's placed on 4 city blocks 1000 Feet of street, machines spaced every 50 feet on balconies and awnings. People lined the Street to Enjoy the Snow Event as the Fire Dept. rides Santa Down the 7th Ave. Sponsored by The City Of Ybor and the Honey Pot Club.

Snow Machine Rental Option Menu Click Here

Systems are Not Equal - Ever Wonder Why/Facts about Snow - Snow Option- Choices - Snow Clients - You Tube Videos

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fake snow machine event

Newspaper Front Page: Snow Machines at Downtown Mobile Alliance

WINTERY WONDERLAND; Kids of all ages try to catch "snowflakes" falling Friday from the (With just renting 3 T-1000's) balconies of Hargrove engineering during the North Pole Stroll in Downtown Mobile. Downtown businesses hosted the first-time event with carolers and other entertainers, a holiday market, train rides, snow falling from the balconies.

No one compares to us with snow in the air, we have the best snow machine gear with the experience and knowledge to make a blizzard in any location. Need the combo of snow in the air and faux snow on the ground we can supply the special effects needed.


We test, advise, consult and check to make sure all snow effects are 100% at Disney, this stage show is using 4 Snowmasters T 1500 max tweaked by me and made a special fluid formula as well. is providing key resources and technical FX assistant for special effects snow for; Mickey's Christmas Party - Harry Potter Theme Attraction Universal Studios - Seaworld Christmas Celebration - Holidays at Busch Gardens

zigmont working on disney main street usa snow machinesZigmont installing snow machines at Disney Hollywood Studios

Here I am on the Theme park Rooftops Installing as Special Effects Snow Consultant Supervisor

Evaporative Snow is state of the art faux (fake) snow that dissolves leaving little to no residue. It is used in major theme parks throughout the world and has been used in numerous movies including "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to portray a realistic snow effect. When the machines are used properly, they leave no moisture and when used with the right settings, can be run continually without causing slippery surfaces.

fake snow machines at a event

Russian Embassy Party in Washington DC 2010, KGB on the roof tops with us.

Our Snow Machines Rental Options Menu will link to the page of the machine option that is best for you.

We have over a dozen different machines options that we assembled and can select from. We are a leading supplier of snow effects offering advance artificial snow machine technology. You won't find another snow effects company with the wide range of snow machines and option that we do. Zigmont is a effect specialist supervisor for live events, theme parks and film and studio for snow show effects. Let us work our magic for your event.

We offer Wireless Snow Machine Control

We can supply DMX snow machine control using Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology (FHSS), which changes frequency 1000 times per second control of snow machines. The technology was invented by the US Army and is used in the GSM networks as well. Works Up to 3000 wireless feet.

Zigmont Magic FX Inc for expert snow event design team and customer service with 24/7 Tech support @ 813 689 6269

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Renting The Right Snow Machine

Snow Machine Rental Price Guide Sheet 2014

 Snow Machine Renting and User Guide 101

Snow Machine(s) Rental Agreement, Order Form, Shipping Confirmation and Waiver of Technician Forms 2013-14

Our Pricing Formula is simple: Snow Machine Rental + Snow Fluid + Accessories* + Shipping + Hiring a Tech Fee (if needed) **
* If needed, accessories can included 5 Gal Pail Holder, Timers, Tripods ** Install Tech - Travel cost and hotel, car rental may apply if hired

The professional series machines are refined dry snow technology and evaporates on contact or in 30-90 seconds of air time and is the most requested machine rental. This is the only snow machines that can be used in doors. The Commercial series of which uses a different fluid can consumes a Gallon an hour and the larger snow cannons can use a gal in 18 minutes to 3 - 6 gals an hour. The commercial series snow machines is a wetter show that lasts longer and covers more ground due to the powerful fans.

Our Special Effects Snow Machine Rental - Series of Options;


Professional Series of Snow Machines

Snowmen fake snow machineT 1000 fake snow machine rental max fake Snow machine T 1500 rentalT 1500 minifake Snow machine mini T 1500 rentals fake T 1600 Silent snow machine rentals snowmasters T 1100  fake snow machine rentals T 5000 snowmasters  fake snow machine rentalssub zero fake snow machinelampost snow machine

For do it yourself rental, malls, Home - Business corporate parties, theaters, stage, city tree lighting, Santa arrival our Snowmasters line of Professional Snow Machines.

Commercial Series of Snow Machines

fake snow  blizzard snow cannon

fake snow  machinespower head  tour  fake snow machinefake snow  machinestube power head fake  snow machinefake snow  snowboy snow fake machine snowboy snow machine roam around with the back pack SNOWboy snow machineblizzard snow cannon fake snow machinefake snow  mini blizzard cannon  fake snow machinefake snow  machines  cannon

For full service only, malls Santa arrival, theme parks, city tree lighting, city blocks, film, movies, city parks our Imported Snow Machines from Around The World.

Studio Series of Snow Machines

fake snow  machines with remote spray hoseT 1600 Silent fake snow machine

For Studio sets, TV sets, photo shoots, movies low sound environments

Consumer Snow Machines

little blzzard consumer  snow machineamazing snowman snow machinefake snow  snow in a box snowmachine

Home - Stores fronts, churches, Schools and local theater.

Snow Machine Accessories

zig rotator for snow machinesauto refill for theme park Universal studios Harry Potter

All Weather Machine Covers

snow machine weather coversnow machine weather coverssnow machine weather cover

Our Complete Series of Snow Machines Quick Reference Guide

Technology for all of your Wintertainment needs.

We supply 100's of professional snow machines rentals and commercial snow machine rentals every year seen by millions of people in the USA at Live Events, on TV, Theme Parks, Malls and in Movies. We are a special effects company dedicated in providing snow machine effects for hire or rental. Allow our experienced design specialist to help with snow event installation planning, consulting with snow machine logistics and advise with turn-key services for your big event, long term runs or commercial studio shoot. You'll receive the same Special Effect Experts to work with that we provide to Hollywood Movies Productions and Theme Parks Studios.

We are snow consultants for Disney Theme Parks Florida, we are a authorized Snowmasters satellite repair facility for Disney and we make sure the falling snow is Disney Quantity with our park visits to tweak the snow systems. No other special effects snow company works for to keep improving snow effects for Disney, Universal Studios and Seaworld as a independent vendor.


Special Effects experts like Zigmont is utilized by the theme park industry ( Mouse Theme Parks, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Paramount Studios) and that a good indication of his qualifications and expertise of his work. We can provide you with a snow machine rental and/or full service hire for events nationwide with more machines options to select from than any other company. We can make the Illusion of tons of falling snow with the snow equipment that's right for your event and budget. Call 813.689.6269

We supply the best in professional artificial snow machines with full service hire, sales and with our huge Inventory of fake snow machine rentals ready to ship nationwide. We provide many brands of snow machines from around the world and offer more options than any other company nationwide. You can select the option that right for your venue and budget when you rent from our professional series of artificial evaporative snow machines for the effect of falling snow in the air indoors and outdoors. With some of our snow machine effects a tech hire will be necessary. If you're looking for one fake snow machine rental for a party or ten snow machines on a commercial property and would like Turn-Key production services, call us 813.689.6269 for a free consultation.

Snow Events For Malls, Cities, Corporate Parties and Trader Shows

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fake snow machines made with winter wonderland  mount on lampposts

One T-1000 snow machine installed at Central Park Atlantic Station Ga, it's 12 foot off the ground hanging on a lamp post, producing tons of snow! We had 10 snow machines in the 60ft X 80ft area.

Fake snow fall at a city event provided by effect

Make it Snow on Cue - Wherever you want! Whenever you want!
Our artificial snow machine rental catering for outdoor settings typically used during the month of December in places such as a Mall property, City Park or Downtown Street, Block or Plaza provides the perfect seasonal backdrop for Christmas celebrations. Alternatively, they can provide the winter touch to a private event such as your company´s annual Christmas party or a Church stage shows. Used indoors, our fake (foam based) snow machines can provide a unique and stunning effect throughout the year for events ranging from private parties, commercial properties, trade shows, clubs promotions, TV commercial, video productions, film studios to weddings. The most natural effect of simulating snow flakes possible with minimum fuss and no mess or clean up.

Our Promotional Snow Flier

Fake snow machines

While other companies are using one type of machine consumer model snow machines to fit every job, we have many models options to rent and select from our T-1000, T-1100, T-1500 Mini, T-1500 Max, T-1600, T-5000, Sub Zero and Blizzard Cannon. A selection of Machine that can accomplish snow in any environment from snow for City Events Blizzard in the city Park, flurries for a Downtown City Block, TV and Movie production Projects, Retail Malls for Christmas Celebrations, Corporate Hotel Ballrooms Events, Industrials shows, Trade Shows, Arena Sporting Events, Theme Parks Studios, Major Hotels Resorts.

Snow Machines Rentals For Events Big & Small A snow event for The City Of Tavares Winter Festival having fun in the snow, Looks Like Real Falling Snow.

fake snow  machines in side a ballroom

Our competitors are still pushing the 1st generation, antiquated 1990's consumer models or the cheaper 2010 machines and claiming that they are good for all applications, we are offering you choices and solutions to fit of your exact needs. Instead of forcing a client to cope with one model and making his event work around its capacities, we tailor the capacities to the event. We understand that each client seeks to provide a unique snow experience — only through our varied line of Snowmasters Snow Machines do you have choices and this can be truly achieved. The 10 snow machine options and models we have to rent allowing you to get the machines that suits your needs.

Beware of the cheap machines and fluid claiming that they are professional models being rented by other companies

Snow Falling inside the JW Marriott for a Industrial Show.

Make sure you see the results of the snow machine at an effect before you rent. We have 100's of photo's and video's of our machines working at a variety of events.

Our evaporative snow machines produces the illusion of falling snow flurry's to a blizzard, that evaporates before hitting the ground making an incredible visual effect for Christmas parties, winter theme events and anytime snow is needed.

snow on a dance floor

Safe on a dance floor? You betcha!

It takes about 90 seconds to evaporate completely so the higher the machines are off the ground, the better the evaporative effect. The flake size can be changed as required. 

 Want to see our snow machine brand in action visit Disney, MGM Studios, Sea World, Universal Studios, Paramount Studios

A T 1000 has the output of 15,000 Flakes per minute, a T 1600 has 12,000 flakes per min, a T 1500 Mini 20,000 per min and T 1500 Max is 25,000 per min and a T 1100 is 8,000 per min where as a consumer brand machine a non snowmasters label is 900 flakes per min or less.

Choose the expert that Snowmasters has teaching their Snow Machine Training Seminar!


A Video of the Snow Machines Choices

The T 1500 Snow Zone Event Outdoors with Faux Snow on the Ground

Watch the high volume and long distances our fake special effect snow machines perform in these videos clips

See Our High Range - High Volume Artificial Snow Machines in Action Video Demo

Magic FX has the world's most powerful artificial simulated evaporating faux snow machine systems with over a dozen different fake snow machine rental options. We offer a Turn-Key Services producing realistic Simulating (fake) Snowfall Events for Entertainment Venues, Shopping Malls, Corporate and City Events large & small Coast to Coast. Our fake snow is known as Evaporative Snow™ - a fast dissolving substance, leaving no residue, but creating authentic snow effects from a nice calm snowfall to a blizzard.

T 1000 snow machine at a outdoor event

One T - 1000 catching a breeze and blowing the snow

The Results is Snow That Looks as Real as Mother Nature

fake snow  T 1500 mini at a Kenny Rogers concert

Just one T-1500 Mini at A Kenny Rogers Concert, no one was concern about the wooden instruments and snow landing on them.

fake snow  snow machine at hard rock

Video Clip of 2 Snow Machines Making A Frosty Outdoor Scene at Hard Rock Live

We will do everything to make your event unforgettable.

fake snow   Royal Palm Beach festival of Lights snow machine rental

Royal Palm Beach Florida Tree Lighting with One Mobility Snow Machine T-1000

Make your Christmas party or tree lighting event even more magical!

fake snow   events T 1000 snow at aUSF

Snow from a T-1000 at 12 ft off the ground at USF Florida

snow machines rental at a event

Snow Falling Event at The Greene Mall use our T-1000's

Snow staged for a The Magic Of Mr. Bones Magic Show for Big Brother and Big Sister Fund Raiser.

fake snow   falls at a black tir event

The photos above are the snow machines at 40 % capacity, below the snow machines are at 90 % throttle.

fake snow machines in ballroom

A snow storm in a Ballroom with our snow zone T-1500 machines, for Big Brother Big Sister Fund Raiser Tampa Florida.

Power Head Snow Machines Tour Version

fake snow  power head tour demo of fake snow

fake snow  in the air

Snow Fluids

We now have Value Snow fluid is recommended for use when slight residue or a "wetter" snow is not a concern. Produces a heavier flake which don't allows more volume of larger flakes as much small flake snow output.

Extra Dry Snow Juice Fluid - Most Popular Evaporative Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

PERFECT Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Flakes Perfect (30-50 Foot Float / Drop) Low Residue Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

DRY Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Flakes (50-75 Foot Float / Drop) Low Residue Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

LONG LASTING Snow Juice Machine Fluid - Flakes (75 Foot Plus Float / Drop) Slow Evaporation Formula. Specially formulated for the full range of snow machines available on the market today. Industry Standard Snow Fluid creates a high yield of dense, white, air-born snow ideal for any stage or theatrical setting.

We carry fluids from Snow masters for the Professional Series and Snow boy for the Commercial Series and Studio Series machines. Different machines can use different fluid.

Now with Scented Snow Fluid We can provide custom scents to further the experience.

snow fluid

These fluids are lightly scented and evaporate at the same time that the snow evaporates. As with our other solutions guaranteed never to clog our machine or leave residue. One gallon produces up to 60 minutes of continuous snow depending on the desired size of the snowflake

Biodegradable Certified Fluid

The snow fluid is aerated and the scents are produced as the snow is sprayed. These are the scents are;

"Apple Cinnamon"
"Brown Sugar"
"Christmas Morning
"Cinnamon Bun"

We can create a scent for you.

fake snow  kids play in falling snow provided by

fake snow  snow falls ourdoors for a city winter festivak

Our Ground bases machines T-1500 Making a snow event for The City Of Taverns Winter Festival.

Weather covers allow the air flow, which is designed under the machine to allow weather covers shown above on all models for high volume High range of our blowers. Modes listed below are side air intake.

Effect Specialist are Producers of Snow Events

A handful of Faux snow machine Event Producers exist on the market, but our products are so vastly limited and different that it should be a crime to lump them into the same category as us. We stand out from the rest.

The right snow machine makes all the difference and many snow machines look alike, but they don't perform the same. The machines listed below are Low range - Low output NON (not) EVAPORATING (meaning foamy wetter snow) Consumer Grade (china made) brand machines: You not getting special effects adopted direct from Hollywood movie sets if you machines are;
Cheviot : Entry : Vivid : Flurry : Snow Flurry : Silent Storm : True North : Evolution : Sound lab : Skitter : Starlight and Magic Pro : Om nisi stem : The Dragon : Snow Jet : Elation

Snow Events For Malls, Cities, Corporate Parties and Trade Shows

Fake Snow  Falling

Royal Palm Beach Tree Lighting with Two T-1000's Mobility Snow Machines.

Snow Fall at Fashion Square Mall Orlando Florida

fake snow machines

True Evaporative (dry) Snow Technology Snow Machines with;
Onboard DMX Software Options
Onboard On/Off Cycle Timers
Onboard Fans and Blowers in addition to the snow machine internal blower
High Volume Fluid Pumps and Quiet Blowers

We don't have cords daisy chained from machine to machine, we just need power to the machines.
We don't need a to have a snow technician on property once installed.
We don't need to move the machines out of weather, machines are weather proof.
We can attach our machines on lampposts, streetlights, trees, tripods, I-beams and trussing.

You Could Actually Have a Automated Nightly Snowfall At Your MALL!

Call Us @ 813 689 6269

Fake snow machines will create millions of evaporative snow flakes falling in the air, using a snow masters artificial snow machine.

Falling snow at a mall event

The above is Sherwood Mall CA.

fake snow at a mall

 Simon Mall The Galleria Houston Texas

It is proven fact that snow events will attract shoppers from distant neighborhoods and improve the numbers of shoppers and keep then at your Mall longer. The snow falling event will make them feel the Spirit of the Holiday Season and shopping is improved hours after the snow event. This is why Disney decided this year to go from a 3 minute snow event each night to a 4 1/2 snow event from 2009.
This was the same thinking years ago with setting up a huge Lionel Toy Train Layout like in midtown Manhattan at Macy's NYC in th3 1960 - 70's.

The Galleria Simon Mall 2007 Snow Spectacular Video Demo with 6 Machines

snow machines at a mall

Day time or night time Kids are amazed at our snow and it will have your patrons in the season spirits.

Snow Evaporates On Cue
Our snow machines have DMX Software that allows the control of the 100 snow flake size options, which is the key to make the "flakes" disintegrate more rapidly. The "flake size" control varies the speed of the pump, and therefore the amount of fluid sprayed. More evaporating snow fluid results in more smaller and larger (up to 1/2) clusters of snowflakes, each flake are hundreds of tiny bubbles. If the machines are placed 10 foot off the ground we will need smaller flakes to make the snow evaporate before the flakes hits the ground. If the machines are placed 30 feet off the ground a larger flake 1/2 size can be used.

Control The Flake The flakes size and travel time makes the snow evaporates on cue. Our smaller fills the air with more snowflakes and floats longer in the air and evaporates magically in 30 to 90 seconds.
10ft use 3/16 inch flake to make snow evaporates on cue
20ft use 1/8 - 1/4 inch flake
to make snow evaporates on cue
30ft use 1/4 - 1/2 inch flake -
to make snow evaporates on cue
Only our professional grade snow machines have these abilities.

Daytime Falling snow

Atlantic Station Tree Lighting Atlanta GA 2006-2013

Snow falling at a Holiday tree lighting festival

A blizzard in Tampa Florida with our Special Effect Falling Snow that lasted two hours

Photos can sometime catch snow moving in motion, which can make snowflakes look large when it's not.

blowing snow machines

Attract new passing customers

Our Professional Mobility Snow Machine, Non DMX Package, that is two machines and an effects fan. Non DMX equipped with super pumps are used with effects fans. Our effect fan dry's out the flakes in the air and keep more snow in the air which makes the snow evaporate on cue. Non DMX snow machine have a rotary dial with a 1-10 flake control.


the galleria mall texas fake snow

Malls and Retail shopping centers, we can design your snow falling event with the best state of art snow machines which have the highest output and range of snow spray. You can bring snow to places that never experienced snow falling; it's a proven attraction. We will design a snow that will accommodate your budget and your mall's layout and then our technicians will expertly install the equipment, and show you how our system operates with minimal effort. That's right your staff maintains your snow event with minimum daily maintenance. The show will automatically start and end at the correct event times. We have pumping stations that can draw fluid from a 55-gallon drum over 300 feet to the machines. We do not need to have a tech on site for your event that saves you money. Our machines are weather resistant needs a visual check once a show.

Nationwide Weather Forecast for Retail Centers December; Nightly Snowfalls
A friendly way of promoting the mall and gaining newspaper coverage

Fake snow at a mall

snow at a mall event

See the Media attraction that Snow can draw

Watch a TV segment that happened at a Snow falling Event

Look at the media attention the Gaylord Nation Resort Made from the snow event

snow on a truss at the Gaylord National resort

WTOP Reports on Gaylord National - Christmas on the Potomac - snow inside! Video report Click here!

Radio Spot advertisement for Snow At the Gaylord

Radio Advertisement Spot For the Gaylord national Resort

Our mega snow machine can blow snow up to 80 feet with its on board powerful blower.

"The Snow fall is one of the most magical things, the Gaylord Resort guests said, to be loving about the Christmas On The Potomac experience"

Snow for Trade Shows

Need snow in the air to gain attention, but not on the chrome such as the trucks below. We can control the snow with our 99 steps of flake control

Truck Show Snow Video 1

Truck Show Snow Video 2

The video clips above snows our machines making lots on snow in the air buy not on the crowd on the $ 180,000.00 trucks. These machines are on step 12 of 99 steps. Lots of snow at a low setting.

Fake snow at malls

Our Snow Event Services
Our special effect snow can simulate an all out blizzard scene in the middle of July or a snowstorm flurry for a winter wonderland indoor ballroom party in December. Our snow event services can provide snow from Florida to California with snow for the holidays; we can use several combinations of our evaporating snow machines and wind machines to make that big visual impact happen at any location with True Evaporative (dry) Snow Technology.

Our snow fall events are beautiful to experience and entertaining for all of the participants.
Not only will our snow display draw patrons to your location, it's a magnet for the local Press.
Looking for a special visual ...something different, that TV stations will really focus on to show your presence? Snow is the answer. It works for Disney for many years.

It's very difficult to assess identically priced snow displays from different sources. Although it is important to compare estimates of proposed material content and caliber of the equipment the sizes of the flakes and how good the snow will look, it is equally important to consider the proven track record and quality of the team that will provide the gear and the expertise along with the enthusiasm. We are a full service special effects company providing a full range of special effects for some of the biggest name events.

We would be glad to give you a demo of our simulated snowflakes. Schedule a appointment 813 689 6269.

We are experts in snow and winter special effects for the entertainment industries. Call for day rates, package run pricing and information 813.689.6269 or e mail @ You'll receive the best snow service available

Amazing snowing snowman

You can rent snow machines or do a rental with service, call or e mail for your price options.

Call Magic F/X 813.689.6269 Brandon Florida

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Call Us @ 813 689 6269

Systems are Not Equal - Ever Wonder Why/Facts about Snow - SnowOption- Choices - Snow Clients

Magic F/X specializing in Fake snow events, artificial snow machines for snowfall events - full service production of simulated realistic snow falling events and indoor blowing, snow machines, snow machine that produces snowfall simulation for theatrical and visual effects , snowmaker, snowmasters, snow maker, Snow Machine Generators.
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